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A collection of the hottest men’s coordinates for seasonal short length jackets!


A collection of the hottest men's coordinates for seasonal short length jackets!

This short-length jacket is ideal for accentuating the silhouette of bottoms while keeping the upper body compact. It is also useful for balancing full-length wide pants and baggy denim, which are the main bottoms of many high fashion brands that lead the mode, and is also ideal for showcasing slim tapered slacks and dress pants for a beautiful leg effect. It is also ideal for launching slim tapered adult-faced slacks and dress pants that aim for a beautiful leg effect. In this issue, with the theme of “short-length jacket coordination,” we will introduce styling tips, notable international men’s coordination, and recommended standard items from popular brands.

The key to creating a sophisticated look with short-length jackets lies in layering and showing a glimpse of the hem!

Short-length jackets come in a wide range of styles, including blousons, jean jackets, and riders, so it is difficult to narrow down the key to dressing them, but the technique of creating a cozy look by letting a mid-layer or inner layer peek out from the hem can be applied to any style of short-length jacket. However, this technique can be applied to any style of short-length jacket. This technique can be applied to any style of short-length jacket. By emphasizing the layered look, this technique creates a sophisticated impression and makes the most of the short-length jacket’s unique qualities.

Key point (1): “Use the same colors to emphasize the contrast between the short-length jacket and the coordinating coordinate, which is the main feature of the outfit.

In order to accentuate the presence of the short jacket as the star of the outfit, it is a good idea to combine the innerwear and bottoms in the same color. Of course, it is essential to use colors that emphasize the contrast with the short-length jacket. As shown in the sample coordinates picked up here, white is the color of choice for a good start, while black is a receding color that can be used to create a tightening effect.

Dressing Point 2: “The silhouette of the bottoms is vital for short-length jackets!

To emphasize the silhouette of the bottoms and differentiate them from the long overcoats and warm outerwear that are the mainstay of winter coordination, short-length jackets are a good choice. For a stylish look, aim for a straight, loose silhouette that falls straight down from the armpits to the hems. For a smart, urban look, aim for a slim tapered silhouette like the one worn in the coordinate below.

Dressing Point 3: “Add a mid-layer insert to the short-length jacket to give the styling a twist.

To refresh the look of a short-length jacket, add a down vest, cardigan, or flannel shirt as a mid-layer. In particular, the difference between zip-front and button-front jackets will help to dispel any sense of monotony or drabness, and will add a stylish touch to the look with a touch of intonation. The key to selecting a mid-layer jacket is to choose one that is close in length to the short-length jacket.

See a snapshot of short-length jackets on the streets of Japan! Find your ideal men’s coordinate!

For more men’s coordination, check out the “OTOKOMAE Snapshot Page”!

The snapshots we picked up this time, including the short-length jacket outfits, are now available on the OTOKOMAE Snap Page. Using the hashtag function, you can check out all the snaps focusing on a single item at once. If you register as a member, you can save your favorite snaps and articles.

To see more men's coordination, check out the "OTOKOMAE Snapshot Page!

See the outfits on the OTOKOMAE Snap Page

Recommended Items

Finally, based on information obtained by the OTOKOMAE editorial department through interviews at hot brands’ exhibitions and leading select stores, as well as through fixed-point observations in major fashion cities, we would like to introduce “short-length jackets” that we recommend to our readers!

(1) THE NORTH FACE recommended short length jacket ” Nuptse Jacket

Developed in 1992 for expedition use, the Nuptse Jacket is a heritage model representing THE NORTH FACE in the 1990s. It uses environmentally friendly recycled down as padding, and the outer layer is made of strong 50 denier ripstop recycled nylon with water repellent treatment.

Click here for details and purchase.

(2) LEVI’S recommended short length jacket ” Sherpa Trucker Jacket

Instantly recognizable, Levi’s iconic Sherpa trucker jacket is a symbol of self-expression that hasn’t changed over the decades. It is a classic piece that retains its authentic presence, while the brushed Sherpa lining provides warmth and comfort.

Click here for details and purchase.

(3) CARHARTT recommended short length jacket ” DETROIT JACKET

Carhartt’s classic Detroit Jacket is a classic short-length jacket made of durable 12 oz. Dearborn canvas with a warm blanket lining. The corduroy collar, the “C logo” on the left chest featuring the horns of the Cornucopia goat, a symbol of abundance in Greek mythology, and the gold-tone zip closures on the front and chest pockets add just the right touch to the outfit.

Click here for details and purchase

(4) LEE recommended short length jacket ” BOA STORM RIDER

LEE’s classic “Boa Storm Rider” is made of 11W medium-thick-rib corduroy with a clean feel. The shoulder and body width have a slightly roomy fit, allowing you to match a voluminous knit or hoodie as an inner layer.

Click here for details and purchase

(5) BARACUTA recommended short length jacket ” G9 Classic Harrington Jacket

The “G9 Classic Harrington Jacket” from BARACUTA, a well-known name synonymous with swing tops. The G9 Classic Harrington Jacket features traditional G9 details such as a dog ear collar with chin strap that can be laid up or down, pivot sleeves that allow smooth arm movement as it was developed as golf wear, and an umbrella yoke that allows raindrops to flow smoothly and steam to escape.

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(6) ALPHA INDUSTRIES recommended short-length jacket ” MA-1 Nylon Jacket

The “Jacket Flyers Men’s Intermediates Type MA-1” (MIL-J-8279), commonly known as the MA-1, is a timeless masterpiece in the history of flight uniforms, developed by “Dobbs Industries (the predecessor of Alpha Industries)” in 1958-1959 at the request of the US Department of Defense to review military jackets. The J-8279 and later MA-1s manufactured after 1963 were reversible, and the lining color was the international rescue color (rescue orange).

Click here for details and purchase.

(7) SAINT LAURENT recommended short length jacket ” Teddy Jacket

SAINT LAURENT’s classic stadium jumper with leather trim around the shoulders. The slim silhouette gives a luxurious & mode impression and will style up your coordinates.

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(8) Maison Margiela recommended short length jacket ” figure eight riders jacket

Maison Margiela’s iconic 5-zip leather jacket with an extended zip in the shape of a figure eight makes a big impact. It is a masterpiece of a mode short-length jacket that has continued to be a standard item while changing the details, size, materials, etc. over time.

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