BABUA’s masterpiece short-length jacket “Spey” is dissected in depth! Introducing the special-order collaboration model as well!


BABUA's masterpiece short-length jacket "Spey" is dissected in depth! Introducing the special-order collaboration model as well!

Barbour” boasts a history of more than 125 years and is a brand with a royal warrant from the British Royal Family. With its signature model, the Bidail, at the top of the list, the brand has released many jackets that have been called masterpieces. Among the items developed by the brand, the short-length jacket “Spey” is currently attracting the attention of all kinds of stores. This time, we focus on the “Spey” and introduce its features and special-order collaboration models with select stores!

The history of “Barbour,” a long-established British brand that men adore

Barbour” is a long-established outdoor lifestyle brand with a long history, founded by John Babur in 1894. Originally, the company provided high-quality oiled cloth jackets for sailors, fishermen, and Gulf Coast laborers working under the irregular weather conditions of the North Sea. During World War I and II, waterproof clothing was supplied to the British Army, and in the 1970s, it was also used for British activities such as hunting, hunting, and horseback riding, gradually becoming a part of the British lifestyle. Today, they are loved by men and women of all ages not only for outdoor use but also for fashion use.

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What you need to know about “Waxed Cotton” when wearing BABUA

Waxed cotton with a deep taste is synonymous with Bubur. It is the main material used for Bubur’s regular models, and of course, it is also the material used for the Spey introduced here. By soaking it in oil, it is waterproof and windproof, shutting out cold wind and rain. It has an austere appearance and a rugged texture, and boasts support from men as well. Incidentally, the oil soaked into the fabric will be lost, and along with it, the waterproofness and windproofness will gradually decline, so it is necessary to replenish the oil periodically. It is said to take about three months for the oil to soak into the cotton, so it is best to work on them in the summer in anticipation of wearing them in the fall and winter. Also, if other clothes are stacked on top of the oil without the oil being removed, the oil may soak into those items as well. When storing them, it is recommended that they be stored individually or covered.

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Royal Warrant”, the emblem of the British Imperial Warrant, has been changed to two from the Fall/Winter 2022 items.

Bubur is a genuine British Royal Warrant brand, having been granted the title of Royal Warrant by Queen Elizabeth, Duke of Edinburgh, and Duke of Wales. Until now, BABUA’s tag had three royal warrant emblems, but due to the death of His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh, this emblem has been changed to two starting with the fall/winter 2022 model year. The number of royal warrants is expected to be changed again after the death of Queen Elizabeth II in September 2022.

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What are the features of BABUA’s masterpiece jacket “Spey”?

BABUA handles a variety of models, starting with its signature “Bedale,” which can be said to be the face of the brand. This time, we focus on the “Spey,” a short-length jacket that is easy to match with the latest styles. The original Spey was manufactured by BABUA from the mid-1980s to the late 1990s, and was temporarily discontinued when BABUA revamped its product line between 1997 and 2000, but has returned in the late 2010s as the new, updated Spey. In this issue, we take a closer look at the details reflected in the spay currently available for purchase.

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Bubur Spey features (1) “Short length that enhances style

Among BABUA’s standard jackets, the most distinctive feature of the Spey is its particularly short length. This item was inspired by fishing jackets, and the original model in the past was even shorter than today’s in order to keep it dry when immersed in water. The Spey is a faithful reproduction of that original model, but with a slightly longer length than the original model for a modern update. The short length makes the upper half of the body look more compact, which can be expected to have a leg-lengthening effect, and it goes well with trendy wide or tapered pants. The wide, relaxed fit makes this outerwear easy to wear. You can enjoy a variety of ways to wear it, such as peeking out the inner lining from the hem or adding an arrangement with the double-zip front.

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Bubur Spey’s feature (2): “A design with a long-established feel and functionality that makes it easy to wear.

The spay has raglan sleeves, so it can be easily taken off without feeling oppressive when worn. In addition, three small ventilations are casually provided under the arms to ensure breathability. This allows moderate heat to escape, so even if you wear heavy clothing, you will not feel stuffy and will enjoy a stress-free fit.

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Bubur Spey has feature (3) “Details inspired by fishing jackets.

The Spey was originally created for fly fishing, a popular sport among the British aristocracy. The right chest and left side are equipped with D-rings for hanging fly-fishing gadgets, a detail that reminds us of this. In addition, the front has large flap pockets for a casual look. The lining also has a chest pocket and a large pocket, making it a great storage solution. The specifications allow for active, empty-handed movement, another point that will tickle the hearts of men.

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Bubur Spey feature ④ “Corduroy collar with an elegant atmosphere

The corduroy collar, which gives an elegant impression, is also a characteristic of the Babur brand, and this detail is reflected in the spare. The moderately brushed fabric has a heat-retaining effect, which can be further demonstrated by turning the collar up. With the collar down, you can enjoy a casual look, and with the collar up, a handsome look can be enjoyed, making it easy to change the atmosphere.

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Bubur Spey feature #5: “Traditional check lining with an English feel.

The lining is lined with a checkered pattern that overflows with British style. This check is the Stewart tartan check, which originated in England and is said to have been created by the Stewart family. BABUA has created an original color scheme based on this pattern, creating a check that is unique to the brand. The outer fabric is simple and rugged in design, but the checks peek through to give a sense of Britishness, a detail that is irresistible to those who love the UK.

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