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What is the longest length “burley” in Babur? Introducing the features of a heavy coat.


What is the longest length "burley" in Babur? Introducing the features of a heavy coat.

The long-established brand “Barbour (BABUR)” is known for the ruggedness and British spirit of its waxed cotton jackets. Recently, short length jackets such as “Transport” and “Spey” have been gaining popularity, but the long length model “BURGHLEY” with a profound feeling is the opposite of them.

The longest model “BURGHLEY” in the BABUA line

Founded in 1894, “BABUA” has been closely connected with British activities such as fishing and horseback riding since the 1970s. The “Burley” was developed as a coat for horseback riding. The Burley is the longest coat among the current Babur models, and is characterized by its long length that covers the knees. While retaining the details of the original model, it has a sleek silhouette and details that wipe away the worn-in look and drabness that is common in long coats. It is an elegant addition to any outfit, and can be used for everything from town use to business. Currently, oversized models are available, adding to the trendiness of the brand. With a number of special-order models being developed by popular select stores, this model is also attracting attention on the fashion scene.

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Explanation of the five features of the Babur “Burley

Why choose the Burley from among Babur’s many famous outerwear? The attractive features of Burley are explained in detail!

Characteristic of Bubur “Burley” (1) ” Long length with overwhelming presence! Even for suits and jacket styles where the balance of the hem is a concern.”

The greatest feature of the Burley is its long length that covers the knees. Compared to Babur’s standard “Border” long-length outerwear, the length of the Border is approximately 97 cm in size 38, while the length of the oversized Burley, which is currently available online officially, is approximately 117 cm in size 38, a considerable difference. Since it can be woven without worrying about the length of the inner layer, it is perfect for suits and jacket styles where balance is a concern. It can be worn with any bottoms, making it a winter savior for those who have no trouble choosing the right outerwear. Thanks to the snap-button center vent at the back, even the long length is easy to slip into and can be worn without feeling depressed. The longer length inevitably increases thermal protection.

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Characteristic of BABUAR “Burley” (2) “Silhouette & details designed for a design that doesn’t make you feel wild.

Depending on the design, long-length coats can look worn and drab. In this respect, Burleigh is characterized by the silhouette and size of each part being precisely calculated. The raglan sleeves are designed to fall straight down at the shoulders, and the sleeves are tightened to prevent too much volume, while the body width is relaxed, so that the wearer looks beautiful. The front placket with zipper and snap buttons is shortened to just below the waist. Furthermore, while most BABUR models have three-dimensional flap pockets with gussets, the Burleigh has been brushed up to modern pockets with only flaps and no gussets. This long coat gives off a sophisticated vibe even among Bubur’s often martial outerwear.

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Babur “Burley” feature #3: “Long length with plenty of details for easy temperature control.”

When used as street wear, it is preferable to have something that is easy to adjust the temperature when entering a train or indoors. Burleigh is designed with ventilation holes on the sides to ensure breathability and prevent steam inside. The front has a double zip with a ring-shaped head that is easy to open and close even with gloves on, and the upper and lower openings can be adjusted according to the occasion. The sleeves have snap buttons to adjust the amount of wind penetration through the sleeves, and the Burley can be easily arranged to suit the temperature.

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Characteristics of BABUA “Burley” (4) “The corduroy collar and tartan check lining that symbolize BABUA are still in place.

The details that symbolize BABUA are firmly inherited while being arranged in a modern style. The corduroy collar, typical of Bubur, gives an elegant impression, and the moderately raised feel provides warmth around the neck. The brand’s original Stewart Bubur tartan lining, which evokes an English mood, is still in place, and the glimpse of tartan creates an English gentlemanly atmosphere.

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Babur “Burley” features (5) “6 oz. waxed cotton that is waterproof and windproof.”

Burley’s waxed cotton uses a 6-ounce fabric that is just the right weight, neither too heavy nor too light. The wax makes it highly waterproof and windproof, so it can withstand inclement weather and active use. When the waterproof wax wears off, it can be reapplied ” rewaxing ” on a regular basis, allowing the fabric to be worn for a long time while enjoying its unique waxed-cotton appearance over time. The wax is sometimes uneven or wrinkled, but this can be made less noticeable by applying warm air to the wax from a distance using a hair dryer, etc. Since 2006, the wax has been improved to be odorless, and the stickiness has been minimized to make it easier to wear and store. It is also a nice point that the wax has been updated to minimize stickiness and make it easier to wear and store.

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