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Babur – The right way to coordinate your outfit! A glance at the hottest models & international snapshots


Babur - The right way to coordinate your outfit! A glance at the hottest models & international snapshots

For those who find it difficult to wear BABUR, we introduce a collection of BABUR coordinates of fashionable people from overseas, which were taken by our editorial department!

The royal road of waxed jackets loved for 130 years

“Babur (Barbour)” is a brand established in 1894. Founder John Babur developed durable outerwear made of waxed cotton, which was favored by dockworkers who worked in the irregular weather of the North Sea, and the BABUR name spread around the world in no time.

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Bubur’s water-repellent and weather-resistant jackets made of waxed cotton were supported not only by the fishermen of the time, but also by the Royal Navy. The company provided waxed jackets to the British Army in both World War I and World War II. In World War II, it was adopted by Captain George Phillips as the official crew uniform for the submarine Ursula.

Editor Tachibana
To test Bubur’s waterproof properties, Captain George Phillips put his men in Bubur waterproof jackets and doused them with water from a fire hose, and the anecdote goes on to say that despite the intense water pressure, the men’s bodies did not get wet at all.

Later, in the 1980s, the brand became closely linked to upper-class British activities such as hunting, fishing, and horseback riding, and by coloring the outfits of country gentlemen, it established itself as a leading British lifestyle brand.

Editor Tachibana
Bubur is now sold in 55 countries around the world and is widely used not only for outdoor use, but also by people who are particular about their own style as a fashion statement. Just as people think of Levi’s when it comes to jeans, the image of BABUA as a waxed jacket is well established in the U.K. [/speech_bubble

Here are some examples of real coordination with BABUA outerwear in street snapshots!

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