BABUA launches “RE-LOVED,” a project to upcycle unwanted jackets! What is it about?


BABUA launches "RE-LOVED," a project to upcycle unwanted jackets! What is it about?

British lifestyle brand Barbour will launch “RE-LOVED” on Monday, April 1 to collect, recycle, and resell unwanted wax jackets as part of its “WAX FOR LIFE” sustainable project.

Japan is the first in Asia!What is RE-LOVED, the sustainable project promoted by BABUA?

The ” RE -LOVED ” project, which will be fully launched in Japan this time, is an upcycling program as part of the sustainable activities launched by BABUA in the UK in 2019. In this project, unwanted wax jackets are collected, cleaned, repaired, and re-waxed as needed, and then resold. Those who bring their unwanted jackets will receive a coupon that can be used to purchase a new wax jacket.

In Japan, the first “RE-LOVED” project in Asia will start on April 1 (Mon.) at Babur’s directly managed stores (excluding some stores). Similar to the above project in the U.K., a coupon will be issued when the jackets are picked up, which can be used to purchase wax jackets at each store and on the official e-commerce site. The recovered wax jackets will be available at the flagship Daikanyama store from the end of September.

Processing is divided into three patterns, “partial repair,” “reconstruction,” and “remake,” depending on the condition of the jacket.

As Babur’s phrase ” TIME FOR A NEW HOME? (Time for a new family.)” As the phrase “TIME FOR A NEW HOME” indicates, by reincarnating wax jackets instead of throwing them away, the world’s only two jackets will be passed on to new owners. The resale products are processed in different design patterns depending on the condition of the original recovered jackets.

Jackets that have undergone only partial repairs are classified as “CLASSIC RE-LOVED,” while those that have undergone complex processes such as design reconstruction or combining parts from other jackets are classified as “SUPER RE-LOVED. The company is also looking to make use of the jackets without exception by remaking them into caps, bags, and other items. In addition, the company plans to collaborate with remake artists and famous designers in the future.

Hiroto Hamada, President of Babur Partners Japan, Inc. Mr. Hiroto Hamada, President of BABUA Partners Japan, commented on the launch of “RE-LOVED” as follows.

Mr. Hamada said, “We are very pleased to promote this special project in Japan on the occasion of the brand’s 130th anniversary. RE-LOVED, a sustainable project unique to BABUA, is something that is inherently familiar and highly relatable to us Japanese, who cherish things for a long time. Just as we have passed down our precious kimonos from generation to generation, repairing and adjusting them to fit the wearer, we would like to collect and recycle BABUA jackets that are no longer being passed down and make them loved once more by their new owners, and we would like to spread RE-LOVED in Japan. ”

[“RE-LOVED” by Barbour ] Details

Collection Stores: Babur Daikanyama Store, Lumine Shinjuku Store, Fujii Daimaru Store, Luxe Aire Store
Collection Period: Monday, April 1 – Saturday, August 31
Sales Stors: Babur Daikanyama Store (from the end of September)
Sales Price: ¥58,300 (including tax) ~

Contact: 03-6380-9170 (Babur Partners Co. Japan)

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