What to look for when choosing oversized sweatshirt sweatshirts? And our 10 best picks for men!


What to look for when choosing oversized sweatshirt sweatshirts? And our 10 best picks for men!

Big silhouette items have become a trend, and effortless dressing is gaining popularity these days. Oversized sweatshirt sweatshirts in particular are a hot item that embodies the current style. In this issue, we introduce tips on how to wear oversized sweatshirts and 10 recommended items!

How to choose the right items to balance an oversized sweatshirt?

Big silhouettes” and “oversized” are the keywords that have become major trends in recent years. The relaxed, large silhouettes with wide body widths and dropped shoulders are appealing, but it is not just a matter of choosing a large size. For example, it is important to pursue a good overall balance, for example, a garment with broad shoulders but a length that is set at a normal waistline. Simply choosing a size larger than usual will increase all dimensions, resulting in an unflattering look as if you are wearing the wrong size. It is recommended to choose a well-balanced oversized sweatshirt that is made to be worn large.

Find oversized sweatshirts

Refer to these men’s coordination for wearing oversized sweatshirts!

Oversize Sweatshirt Men’s Coordinate Example (1) “Balancing the silhouette of the sweatshirt with a cutoff design creates a crisp look on the top and bottom.

This coordinate is a good example of a sweatshirt with a well-balanced shoulder line and length. The oversized sweatshirt has thick armholes and shoulders, and the hem is cut off to create a boxy silhouette with a short length. The bottoms are slim-fit jeans, which give the silhouette a more flattering look around the waistline.

Oversize Sweatshirt Men’s Coordinate Example 2: “Create a Y-line silhouette with oversized sweatshirts with long sleeves

This is Scott Disick, an American businessman who has often been the target of snaps and paparazzi with his trend-conscious dressing style and boisterous lifestyle. This time, he is wearing a street-style oversized sweatshirt with a big silhouette that has a big shoulder drop and a lettered design on the sleeves. The sleeves are long enough to create a loose sock-like cushion above the wrist, but the sweatshirt he is wearing is also short in length. The tapered, slim-fit cargo pants he wears with them create a stylized Y-line silhouette.

Oversize Sweatshirt Men’s Coordinate Example 3: “Raglan Sleeve Sweatshirts without the Big Silhouette ‘Just Like That’ Look!

If you want to wear an oversized sweatshirt but don’t like the drop-shoulder design, why not choose a raglan sleeve item like the one worn by this man? This sweatshirt sweatshirt is wide and has long sleeves, but thanks to the raglan design, it gives the impression of clean around the shoulders. Since they also have a sporty element, they go well with shorts, sneakers, and knit caps.

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