4 pants to match with white parka


4 pants to match with white parka

White parkas give a cool and refreshing impression, and if the fabric is light, they can be expected to remain active until early summer. In this issue, we will introduce four types of pants that go well with white parkas, as well as some notable coordination styles!

Pants to match with a white hoodie (1) “Brown pants

Brown-colored pants” are attracting attention as the next trendy color after olive green. By pairing them with a white parka, you can achieve a modern coordination with a rugged yet classy look. Pharrell Williams, known as a fashionista in the street fashion world, set a human-made white parka with chic brown pants. By rolling up the pants to show off his lettered socks, he has created a skater-like accent in his styling.

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Pants to match with white parka②”Shorts

For the pre-summer season, we recommend wearing shorts like Mr. Ye’s below. This is a great style for the season when the temperature has not yet reached its peak. The combination of a voluminous hoodie and shorts with clean legs goes surprisingly well together, and it is easy to create a well-balanced silhouette.

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Pants to match with White Parka ③ “Light-colored Jeans

The 90s and Y2K trends have brought a lot of attention to washed jeans. Among them, light-colored jeans are one of the trousers to be worn with a white parka, as the color adds a sense of coolness to spring and summer outfits. The most popular silhouette is the loose, straight type, but for an urban look, a slim silhouette like the one worn by Scott Disick below is not a bad choice.

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Pants to match with a white parka④ “Cargo pants

Cargo pants are another item that attracts attention and go well with white parkas. The full-length, straight silhouette gives a martial appearance, while the slim, short-length version completes a youthful and cozy coordinate. The earthiness of the olive green color is moderately neutralized by the clean white parka, making it easy to wear on the street.

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