What color pants go with a gray hoodie? These are the first three combinations you need to master!


What color pants go with a gray hoodie? These are the first three combinations you need to master!

Even though it is a classic sweatshirt color, until a few years ago, many people had the image that “gray hoodie” = “sleepwear. This being the case, it can be a bit of a hurdle to wear a gray hoodie fashionably as street wear. In this issue, we will introduce three combinations that you should learn first with the theme of “the color of pants to match,” which is no exaggeration to say that it determines 80% of how to dress up a gray parka, along with snapshots of the most notable outfits!

Pants color ” Olive Green/Khaki ” to match the gray parka

Gray, which falls between black and white, can create a stylish impression when worn with pants that have a slight nuance of color. For example, the combination of olive green pants can create a rugged, masculine mood by bringing in the image of military fashion. The accent of the green color, which is calm but not monotonous, adds a nice touch to the outfit.

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Pants color that goes with Gray Parka ②”Blue Denim

If the top is a classic color of sweatshirt, the bottoms should also be a classic color of a classic item. The combination of a gray parka and blue denim is an attractive combination that will never go out of style. The faded look of denim will surely add a sophisticated touch to a simple coordinate. For a seasonal look, wear it in a loose-fitting size.

Hoodie worn by FIRST DOWN Sweatshirt Hoodie with embroidered badge

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Pants color that goes with gray parka (3) “Black

For a more mature look, we recommend wearing black pants to tie up the soft, gentle look of the gray hoodie. This will complete a chic monotone coordinate and give the outfit an urban mood. Wearing black pants with a roomy silhouette that is not too tight and without cushioning will give you a more mature impression.

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