What is the key to wearing a hoodie stylishly? Also introduces men’s coordinate examples for fall reference.


What is the key to wearing a hoodie stylishly? Also introduces men's coordinate examples for fall reference.

In this issue, we focus on the ” hoodie ” and introduce the key to dressing it up, men’s coordinates picked up from the latest international snapshots, and recommended items!

Hoodies have become a must-have item for men in today’s casual style!

As the style of combining various tastes without boundaries has become widely accepted, it is no longer unusual to see hoodies being mixed with dress styles as well as street and sports styles. It can be used as the main top, or as a “dress hazard” to create a rough atmosphere when worn with an overcoat or a tailored jacket, or it can be used with a jean jacket or a field jacket to give an ethereal feel to a rugged look. If you match it with a jean jacket or a field jacket, it will make the ruggedness mild in a good way. Therefore, the sweatshirt parka is an indispensable item for today’s casual style in general.

Point 1: “Wear a hoodie as a mid-layer inside an outer layer for a stylish look.

A stylish layered style can be expressed by wearing a parka as a mid-layer inside an outer layer. Even if a parka is used as an inner layer, the presence of the hood on the outside of the parka will not play too much of a supporting role, and will give the impression that the layering is being deliberately enjoyed. A hoodie with a puffy hood gives a good sense of volume around the neck.

Dressing Point 2: “Oversized hoodies add a sense of modernity to men’s coordination.

Sweatshirts come in a wide variety of fits and colors, but if you want to express trendy styling, an oversized hoodie is a good choice. In particular, when wearing just a hoodie, the loose silhouette and drop shoulders stand out and give a more current look. For a more street and mode look, we definitely recommend an oversized hoodie with a brand logo or print, as shown in the sample image here.

Point 3: “Emphasize the layered look by showing a T-shirt underneath the hem of the parka.

Boxy-fit sweatshirts and oversized sweatshirts are being introduced by many high fashion brands that lead the mode and street brands that are at the forefront of the trend. Showing a T-shirt from the hem of such a trendy parka will emphasize the layered look and create a sophisticated styling. However, be careful not to expose too much of the T-shirt, as it will make you look dowdy and tacky.

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