Is it tacky to match MA-1 with a hoodie? Perspectives on choosing innerwear that can help you eliminate complexes.


Is it tacky to match MA-1 with a hoodie? Perspectives on choosing innerwear that can help you eliminate complexes.

The MA-1 is often chosen as the main outerwear for the fall and winter seasons, and is very popular among OTOKOMAE readers, who often ask, “Is it tacky to wear a hoodie with it? I want to know what innerwear goes with it! We have received many comments from our readers, so we have decided to introduce some examples of MA-1 innerwear, including hoodies, in this issue!

Hoodies are not tacky with MA-1s. In fact, they go well together!

It is true that hoodies do not go well with some outerwear because of the strong presence of the hood around the neck. With this background, we assume that many men are concerned about the compatibility of hoodies and MA-1s. However, hoodies and MA-1s do not go well together, and the combination is not tacky at all. Rather, the author believes that the MA-1 and hoodie are a good combination and one of the most fashionable styling options.

Editor Izumi
One of the advantages of using a hoodie as an inner layer is that it can complement the lack of outerwear with a modest neck design. the neck of the MA-1 is designed so that the ribs follow the neck, so on its own, the neck can feel a bit lonely. I have “slender shoulders,” so outerwear without a three-dimensional collar or other parts around the neck and shoulders would make me feel unbalanced. I try to solve this complex by wearing a parka. Personally, I feel that the relationship between the ribbed neck and hood is also very well balanced, so I often coordinate with this combination in the fall and winter. In terms of MA-1s that go well with hoodies, I think that items such as Sakai, Moncler, and Rick Owens, which are modernized for town use, are better matches than authentic military items.

Editor Izumi
If the hood of the hoodie has a design that is not three-dimensional, it does not fit well in terms of eliminating the lack of substance mentioned earlier. As shown in this image, choosing a hoodie made with a design that allows the hood to stand on its own will create a well-balanced styling!

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Matching shirts is a little higher level

Matching the MA-1 with a hoodie is not tacky and creates a good balance around the neck. On the other hand, I find it difficult to match shirts with MA-1s. It is not that they do not go well together. I have seen some men wearing them stylishly at Pitti and Milan collections, but those who wear them well are generally of a high level, and it is difficult to imitate them. There are other men who wear shirts under their MA-1s, but the truth is that they are not very cool.

What are the three classic innerwear options that go with the MA-1 other than the hoodie?

(1) The royal road is the crew-neck sweatshirt. T-shirts are also good for days when the temperature is that high.

Crew-neck items are probably the top choice of many people as innerwear for the MA-1. Sweatshirt sweatshirts are a perfect match. It is no exaggeration to say that sweatshirt sweatshirts are a typical casual style for fall and winter. On days when the temperature is not that low, a T-shirt can be worn instead of sweatshirts, and since many brands offer a variety of MA-1s, from thin, lightweight ones to those with padding or down for extra warmth, choose an inner layer that matches the characteristics of your MA-1.

Editor Izumi
When putting together an MA-1 coordinate, I choose trainers as innerwear just as often as hoodies, but a crew neck doesn’t solve the loneliness around the neck. In such cases, I compensate by wrapping a stole or scarf around it. If I wrap it so that it has volume like the man in this snapshot, I don’t have to worry about the imbalance of my slouchy shoulders.

If you use a crew-neck trainer, a layered style that shows off the bottom layer of cut-and-sew is also effective

Editor Izumi
A technique I sometimes incorporate when layering an MA-1 and trainers is to show a glimpse of the hem of the T-shirt at the bottom layer of the layer. This alone adds one more layer of layering that can be seen from the outside, making it an easy and obvious change.

(2) Match a crew-neck knit to create a beautiful, military-inspired mood.

The military-derived atmosphere of the MA-1 coordinates makes it stand out as casual and rugged, but it is also possible to add a beautiful image depending on the innerwear you choose to match. A typical example would be a knit item. Matching a crew-neck knit will give a somewhat elegant and mature look to the coordination. The impression of the MA-1 changes considerably depending on the color. Even the khaki MA-1, which has the strongest “military look,” can be made to look more relaxed by matching it with a knit in a color that goes well with it, as shown in the snapshot below.

(3) A turtleneck is also a good choice for a mode-inspired style.

Even with the same knit item, a turtleneck knit can add a mode image to the MA-1 coordinate. Like the parka, it is also an option when the neckline is lonely. However, since a turtleneck knit cannot cover up a loose shoulder, it is recommended to use a scarf or stole if you are aiming for that look.

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