What kind of bag goes with a suit? Introducing types of bags that go well together & recommended brands.


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What kind of bag goes with a suit? Introducing types of bags that go well together & recommended brands.

Bags that Suit Suits ⑤ “Attache Case

The word “attaché” in attaché case means “assigned” in French. The name comes from the fact that they were used by diplomats “assigned” to embassies. There are two types of attachés, aluminum and leather, and they are characterized by their sturdiness. The feature of the bag is its sturdiness; it will not be scratched by the slightest thing. Because of its sturdiness, the bag full of secret tools used by James Bond in the movie “From Russia With Love” was also an attaché case. This makes it safe to check luggage on airplanes when traveling to distant places. Many of them can be locked, making them even more secure.

Suit-Style Bags ⑥ “Dulles Bags

Also known as “doctor’s bags,” these bags were used by doctors to carry medical equipment. It is characterized by its mountainous side shape with a large gusset at the bottom, which not only provides ample storage capacity, but also allows it to stand on its own without tipping over when placed on the floor. Inside, there are many compartments and pockets to keep things organized. Most of them are made of leather and go well with leather goods such as shoes and watches. These bags are perfect for those who want to enjoy their fashion without compromising their suit style.

Clutch Bags” (7)

Originally, clutch bags were used as a bag-in-a-bag, that is, a bag that is placed inside a bag. As a result, they have little storage capacity, but they are the lightest of all bags. As in the original use, you can put only valuables in a large bag and take it with you when you need to go to a place for a short trip. When using it as your main bag, it is a good idea to choose the size based on what kind of situation you will be using it for. Even if you do not use it as your main bag, it would not be a bad idea to have one of these bags, as they are often used for weddings and funerals as well.

Briefcases that Suit Suits ⑧ “Backpacks

Backpacks are casual bags that were originally designed for mountaineering, and there is a tendency to consider it taboo to wear them with a suit. However, backpacks have gradually become a standard bag to be worn with a suit because of their convenience of not having to keep both hands busy and their excellent storage capacity. If you plan to use it on and off the job, it is important to choose a basic color and simple design. In summer, the back tends to get stuffy, so a bag with a mesh structure on the back is ideal.

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