How to choose an appropriate men’s clutch bag for a wedding?


How to choose an appropriate men's clutch bag for a wedding?

When you are invited to a wedding, you may be surprised at how difficult it is to choose the right bag. Today, clutch bags are considered the standard, but many of you may be wondering exactly what design and shape to choose. In this issue, we will introduce OK/NG examples and recommended items on the theme of clutch bags for weddings!

Clutch bag for wedding is smart. We suggest sizes up to A4!

The larger the clutch bag, the more casual it looks, so it is recommended to choose a clutch bag that is not too large to match your wedding attire. Assuming that the bag may be brought into the venue without leaving it at the cloakroom, it is preferable to keep it to A4 size, which is not too assertive and has a reasonable amount of storage space. Items that do not fit in the pockets, such as congratulatory gifts and invitations, can also be stored smartly.

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Choose a clutch bag with a design that won’t draw attention! Plain leather is the best material!

The material of the wedding clutch bag should be as unobtrusive and luxurious as possible. For example, plain leather. A simple clutch bag made of high quality leather is sure to elevate your outfit. If you can keep it to one color, a clutch with a design, such as an embossed pattern, is also acceptable.

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Try to use dark tones as much as possible. Black is a definite choice!

The color should be as understated and dark as possible. If in doubt, choose black, which gives a stoic and formal impression. Clutch bags in fluorescent or other shades can be used to spice up an outfit with a touch of color, but it is better to avoid them for weddings, as they may look TOO MUCH.

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