What kind of bag goes with a suit? Introducing types of bags that go well together & recommended brands.


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What kind of bag goes with a suit? Introducing types of bags that go well together & recommended brands.

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You will surely find a bag that suits your suit. We recommend 9 brands.

Bags that go with suits: Brand 1 “Porter

Porter is a popular brand of Yoshida Kaban, a long-established Japanese bag manufacturer. It has collaborated with many fashion brands, and its collaboration with artist Takashi Murakami is still fresh in people’s minds. Since its establishment, Porter has always been committed to made-in-Japan products and has gained a strong following in Japan and abroad. Porter offers a full lineup of both business and casual bags, and as a long-established company, it is nice to know that there is a wide variety of products to choose from.

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Bag brand that suits suits suits②”TUMI

Tumi is a bag brand established in the U.S. in 1975, offering durable and highly functional bags. Originally, the company imported and sold bags, but in the 1980s, it turned its attention to ballistic nylon, which was used as bulletproof vests by the army at the time. The company made a successful line of durable bags using the same material. Since then, the company has developed briefcases, shoulder bags, backpacks, and other products made of ballistic nylon, and has established a firm position as a functional bag brand.

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Bag brand that fits suit suit ③”Orobianco

Orobianco, a factory brand that originated in bags, is popular for its bright, Italian-like colors. The brand is famous for its hybrid design that uses nylon and leather, which will surely bring a sophisticated atmosphere to your suit style. Moreover, they are stain-resistant, so you can handle them with a little care without any problems, which is a modest pleasure. The brand also offers a wide variety of colors, including basic colors such as black and navy, which are suitable for business as well as for off-duty styles.

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Bag brand that goes with suit suit ④ “Aniary

The brand name “Aniari” was coined from the phrase “An ideal and reality. It is a Japanese brand that develops supple and lightweight skins, and makes original metal fittings one by one. Many of their products are dyed unevenly by hand and are extremely elegant. However, the design is simple and straightforward, eliminating any unnecessary elements. They can be worn naturally not only with casual wear, but also with business attire.

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Bag brand that goes with suits⑤”PELLE MORBIDA

Pelle Morbida offers a wide range of elegant bags based on the concept of ” an elegant, high-quality bag that you would want to take with you on a quality cruise. The brand name comes from the Italian word meaning “soft skin (leather). The brand pursues authentic yet well-balanced designs that incorporate modern sensibilities, and offers a wide range of bags that are easy to use regardless of age.

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