The first body bag you should get this spring/summer! Focus on Tatras’ newcomers with a luxurious feel!


The first body bag you should get this spring/summer! Focus on Tatras' newcomers with a luxurious feel!

Italian brand “TATRAS,” which has many fans in Japan for its high-quality down wear, has launched a new collection of bags this season. While a total of eight models are available for both men and women, we focus on the models that you especially want to get your hands on during the coming spring and summer seasons!

What are the features of Tatras’ “MELGI” body bag recommended for light spring and summer wear?

The first candidate for a bag that will be useful in spring and summer is a light body bag that matches the image of the season. Small bags that go well with light clothing are perfect for the current era in which hand luggage is becoming more and more minimalistic. Such a body bag is also included in the new TATLUS bag collection. The body bag, named ” MELGI,” features an urban and luxurious design that is similar to Taurus’ down clothing. From the next section, we will focus on the features of MELGI that you should check out!

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Features of the T TATLUS “MELGI” body bag (1) “Luxurious metal parts that embody the TATLUS DNA

All metal parts such as zipper heads used in the TATLUS bag collection, including MELGI, are originally made. The original parts, which look beautiful on the nylon bags, create a luxurious mood as if they inherited the DNA of T TATLER’s down wear. It is also noteworthy that the logo is firmly engraved on the small parts.

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The feature of Tatras’ body bag “MELGI” (2) “Strap buckle that can be attached and detached even with one hand

While many shoulder-slung bags, including body bags, have straps that go over the head, this MELGI has a sliding buckle that can be easily attached and detached. The MELGI, on the other hand, uses a sliding buckle for easy attachment and removal. The bag can be attached and detached simply by slipping the strap to the side, so the bag can be removed with one hand. The buckles are also equipped with tabs on the ends, so they do not come off easily even though they are slide-type straps.

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Tatras’ MELGI body bag features (3) “Stress-free ring-shaped connectors that accommodate active body movements such as cycling.

Body bags and shoulder bags are often uncomfortable on the sides due to the strap’s range of motion not being able to accommodate active body movements, such as when riding a bicycle. The Taurus MELGI has a detail that eliminates such stress. The ring-shaped part seen in the center of the image is inserted between the straps and the bag itself, so that the straps do not catch even when cycling, when you are leaning forward, and support comfortable body movements.

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Tatras’ MELGI body bag features ” Small size but plenty of room for your belongings

Despite its small size, the TATLUS MELGI has a relatively large storage capacity. In addition to the wide-opening main compartment, there is a wide pocket underneath and another pocket on the top of the bag for smaller items, so if you are not carrying a PC or other large items, this bag should be enough for most of your needs.

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The top part is made of mesh material to match the spring and summer seasons

The top pocket is also made of mesh material. Not only is it highly visible, but you can also enjoy the cool spring and summer look.

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