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The Tatras “Domiziano” is a down jacket for adults that fits the expression “dressy!


The Tatras "Domiziano" is a down jacket for adults that fits the expression "dressy!

TATRAS” started in 2006 as a cooperative brand among Italy, Poland, and Japan, and quickly established itself as a premium down brand. In this issue, we focus on the “Domiziano,” the most popular down jacket from TATRAS, and introduce the history of the brand and the appeal of down jackets, focusing on the details!

The “Domiziano” by Taurus is an adult down jacket with a dressy appearance!

TARATLUS offers a wide range of items, but down jackets are the most popular among them. Among them, “DOMIZIANO” reigns as a standard item of TARATLAS. While most down jackets have a thick, fluffy silhouette, the Domiziano has a stylish form. By adjusting the amount of down and manipulating the pattern to prevent the inevitable volume of conventional down from being noticeable, Domiziano has created an unprecedented piece of down that can be worn smartly. The silhouette is not simply a slender, artless arrangement, but a three-dimensional technique called “darts” is used in every part to achieve a slim yet three-dimensional silhouette, which is one of the reasons why this premium down garment is highly acclaimed.

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The use of fabrics that create an overwhelming sense of luxury is enchanting.

The Domiziano has a luxurious feel to it. If you know the specifications of the materials, you can learn more about the charm of Domiziano. From here, we will focus on the appeal of the material by dividing it into “outer fabric,” “down,” and “lining.

The outer fabric is made of Loro Piana’s wool-silk fabric, which is characterized by its touch and luster that make you want to touch it.

The outer fabric is made of Loro Piana, an Italian company founded in Italy in 1936 that handles top-quality cashmere and top-quality wool. Loro Piana is a long-established fabric manufacturer that Louis Vuitton has recognized for its quality, and in 2013 it became a member of the Louis Vuitton group. Domiziano’s down is made of wool and silk fabric made by Loro Piana of Italy. The fabric has a high “Super” rating of 150, which indicates the quality of the fiber, and has a luxurious texture with thin, high-quality, and lustrous fibers. TATLUS’ Domiziano not only has a sleek and beautiful silhouette, but is also packed with such luxury that even the fabric is made of materials with a sense of luxury that even high-end brands would recognize.

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The charm of T Taurus “Domiziano” (2) “”White goose down from Poland” that is said to be the highest quality is adopted.

In down products, differences in the quality of the material have a large impact on heat retention. Even if a jacket looks like it is stuffed to the brim, if the quality of the down is poor, the heat retention cannot be expected to be as good as it looks. On the other hand, if the down is of high quality, even a small amount of down can provide high warmth retention. The Taurus Domiziano uses Polish white goose down, which is known as the highest quality down. White goose down, which is extracted from beautiful, pure white waterfowl, is fine-grained and can store a large amount of warm air even with a small amount of down, making it both lightweight and highly heat-retentive. The quality of the down is a very important factor in achieving Taurus’ signature “stylish look in spite of the down.

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The Taurus Domiziano is lined with “original nylon fabric” with the brand’s logo!

The entire lining is lined with the Taurus logo and cross motifs at equal intervals, creating a stylish design even when the bag is taken off. The inside pocket makes it easy to store a smartphone or wallet. The Domiziano is a premium piece of clothing that reflects the attention to detail not only in the outer fabric but also in the lining, giving you a special feeling of wearing high quality down.

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