Perfect for working from home! Featuring an elegant cardigan that can be worn like a jacket


Perfect for working from home! Featuring an elegant cardigan that can be worn like a jacket

A cardigan with a collar will give you both relaxed comfort and an elegant look. It is also useful when you want to dress a little more elegantly, or when you have a business meeting on a video call and don’t want to look too formal as to wear a tailored jacket. In this issue, we focus on “collared cardigans,” which can be worn like a jacket, and introduce you to some items that are sure to get your attention!

RAG & BONE Cardiff Shawl Collar Cotton Wool Cardigan

The “Cardiff,” a shawl-collar cardigan knitted with a blend of 52% cotton and 48% wool, is one of the must-have items for the coming season. The soft touch of cotton and the warmth of wool make it perfect for throwing on when you feel a little chilly in a T-shirt. The front buttons go all the way up to the neck, so if you close them all, you can create a moderately tense look.

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Seagreen BIG WAFFLE cardigan

From the L.A. and Tokyo-based brand “Seagreen” comes a shawl-collar cardigan made of the classic big waffle material. This cardigan has a relaxed West Coast atmosphere with an exquisite balance of elegance and charm, and will surely broaden your range of outfits, from a casual T-shirt and jeans look to a more grown-up look with slacks. The cotton-poly material is also easy to care for.

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Drumohr High Gauge Cotton Knit 3B Jacket

The mood is for a cardigan with a solid feel. We picked up a knit jacket with notched lapels from Dormore, a long-established knitwear brand. Unlike knit jackets made by tailor brands, this jacket has a soft and light atmosphere that can be worn like a cardigan. The color variation also offers bright tones that are more common in knit items such as cardigans than in tailored jackets. If you are looking for a design that is a little more elegant than the usual cardigan, this may be the best choice.

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While having a “moderate oversizing” and a “low-gauge, loose-fitting feel,” it is “high quality and can be worn for many years due to its shape retention ability that is resistant to sagging. The Gentleman Project’s “Wooster” knitwear series encompasses the four merits of “a moderate oversized fit” and “a low gauge, loose-fitting fit,” and “can be used in all three seasons except summer. By knitting with yarns blending the knit manufacturer’s original cotton material “C Wave” with the high-stretch polyester yarn “AMOSSA,” a texture full of originality and a high shape retention ability that is no exaggeration to say that it will not lose its shape for more than 10 years are achieved. The “WOOSTER CARDIGAN” features a design full of urban sophistication despite being a knit, with a shawl collar lapel that returns softly and a metal button detail that allows the wearer to wear it like a blazer. The knit structure of this knitwear is the royal one-shore knit. The back side of the knitted fabric, which has a beautifully knitted pattern, is used as the front side, which adds to the elegant atmosphere of this item.

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Lardini Knit Gown Cardigan

The elegant mood is enhanced by the button-less belted design of this gown cardigan from the leading Italian brand, Lardini! The herringbone-like jacquard weave adds a colorful accent to the outfit. The shawl collar is wide and has a strong presence, so it can be worn with a tied-up shirt in the manner of Luigi Rardini for a stylish jacket-like styling.

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