Introducing men’s fall outfits using cardigans!


Introducing men's fall outfits using cardigans!

This cardigan is useful as a temperature-controlling mid-layer both on and off the job, and also shows its potential as a leading outerwear item. It is useful for the sprezzatura (relaxed elegance) style, normcore, and grunge styling that Italian designers are known for, and you can enjoy a variety of expressions depending on the yarn thickness and knitting fabric, from high gauge for a clean look to low gauge for a coarse presence. This time, we will focus on such “cardigans”. In this issue, we focus on the “cardigan” and introduce the latest international men’s coordination and recommended items for reference!

Cardigans are knit outerwear that can be worn casually like a jacket, making it easy to adjust the temperature.

Cardigans are versatile and can be worn in both casual and dressy outfits, and can be worn in both clean and rough styles, depending on the thickness of the yarn and the knitting fabric. It can be worn casually like a jacket, and there is no better choice than a cardigan as an extra item for temperature control and air conditioning. Moreover, there is a wide range of knit materials, from cotton and linen for spring and summer to wool for fall and winter, and a wide selection of motifs and fabrics, including Nordic, Fair Isle, Jacquard, Aztec, and Argyle patterns, so it is no exaggeration to say that you can enjoy wearing them as you like.

Point 1: “Incorporate low-gauge cardigans with expressive knitted fabrics as the mainstay of a men’s coordinate.

Cardigans have a variety of knitting patterns, such as cable knitting, ribbed knitting, knitting in merino, honeycomb knitting, and Aran knitting, and are rich in expression. Low-gauge cardigans with expressive knit fabrics are particularly attractive and ideal for playing a leading role in a coordinated look. Moreover, the unique texture of knitwear gives them a mild impression without being formal. Of course, they can be worn both neatly and loosely, and the long and oversized types are perfect for loose, grunge-like styling.

Point 2: “Choose a plain cardigan to express an effortless or normcore look.

Plain cardigans in the popular melias knit or ribbed knit are understated and can be used to express an effortless or normcore look. They blend effortlessly with basic items such as T-shirts and shirts and go well with mainstay bottoms such as slacks, chinos and jeans!

Dressing Point 3: “Choose a cardigan with a collar to refresh the impression of the men’s coordinate.

V-necks and round necks are the mainstream cardigans, but if you want to refresh the look of a casual coordinate, collared cardigans are an option. Choose a shawl collar for a mature and noble look, or a polo collar for a sporty look, and incorporate them into your coordination to differentiate your outfit from the standard V-neck and round-neck styles.

Take a look at international street snapshots of cardigans! Find your ideal men’s coordinate!

If you want to see more men’s cardigan outfits, check out the “OTOKOMAE Snap Page”!

The OTOKOMAE Snap Page is a collection of snapshots of men’s cardigan outfits, including the ones we picked up this time. By using the hashtag function, you can check all the snaps focusing on a single item at once. If you register as a member, you can save your favorite snaps and articles.

To see more men's cardigan outfits, check out the "OTOKOMAE Snap Page"!

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