Gray Turtleneck Codes! Selected stylish men’s snaps showing different tones and textures


Gray Turtleneck Codes! Selected stylish men's snaps showing different tones and textures

This gray turtleneck knit blends easily with items of any color and exudes an understated elegance that is hard to achieve with crew necks and V-necks, creating an elegant, sophisticated, adult atmosphere. It is a highly versatile item that can be worn with a tailored jacket or suit for a semi-formal look, and can also be worn on casual occasions, where it is the main battleground. In this issue, we focus on the “gray turtleneck” and introduce its charm, points on how to choose, and notable outfits and recommended items!

Grey turtleneck knits are versatile and can be worn in a variety of tones to create different looks!

The gray turtleneck is a versatile item that can be used in a variety of situations as a semi-formal item as well as a casual item, as it is highly coordinated with other colors and easily blends in with any color items. Gray, an achromatic color between black and white, comes in a wide range of shades, so it has a clean look when lightened, and a cool appeal when darkened, as it becomes more like black. Another appeal of gray is its ease of use, either as a complement to the main color or as a cushion between complementary colors.

Turtlenecks are a great way to keep warm, so it’s easy to achieve a sophisticated look without resorting to layering!

Turtlenecks are also a good winter sweater that brings warmth to the neck area, and are ideal for a smart winter look without a scarf, stole, or snood, which tends to make people feel overdressed. Generally in Japan, turtlenecks are in full swing from mid-November, when it starts to feel chilly even during the daytime, and can be worn until mid-March, when it remains cold in the mornings and evenings.


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How to choose a gray turtleneck knit?

When choosing a gray turtleneck as an inner layer for an overcoat or tailored jacket, a plain, high gauge, simple knitting fabric is best.

The opposite is true of low-gauge, loose-fitting or oversized gray turtlenecks, which have an outstanding presence and are perfect as the main top, but they may ruin the silhouette of your beautiful outerwear or cause you to look overstuffed and stylish. It is suitable as an inner layer for casual outerwear such as down jackets, mountain parkas, and bomber jackets.

In any case, when styling a gray turtleneck knit, remember that there are different points of choice depending on whether you want to use it as a beautiful inner layer or as a single top to play the leading role. For those who prefer a mix of clean and casual styles, a mid-gauge gray turtleneck that falls between high and low gauges is a good choice.

Find a gray turtleneck knit

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Codes using gray turtleneck knits

Coordinate 1: “Gray turtleneck with navy chester coat and damaged blue jeans for both a clean look and a masculine look.

A navy chester coat worn rough with the collar up and a gray turtleneck used as an inner layer, blue jeans in a tapered silhouette with a damaged finish, and low-cut white sneakers. The navy chester coat and gray turtleneck give a beautiful impression, while the damaged blue jeans give a masculine look.

Roberto Collina Grey Turtleneck

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Coordinate 2: “Refresh the monotone look with a gray turtleneck and brown items.

The monotone look is based on a black zip-up blouson, gray turtleneck knit, and damaged white pants, with a brown corduroy boa collar jacket and color-matched low-cut sneakers added. The colorless items raise the stylish mood of the outfit, and the outerwear and sneakers that form the outline of the styling refresh the impression. The casual jacket’s boa collar, white pants, and sneaker’s white midsole resonate with the gray turtleneck and clean image.

Drumohr Gray Turtleneck

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Cordage ③ “Soft gray turtleneck knit goes great with a suit style!

This soft gray turtleneck knit is ideal for use as an inner layer of a suit outfit. As shown in the snapshot, it avoids the heavy look of a chic-toned suit style while providing an elegant casual-down look. The suit and turtleneck knit is also recognized as a quasi-formal attire in this day and age, and should definitely be incorporated into warm biz and fine restaurant dinner attire.

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Coordinate 3: “High-gauge gray turtleneck and navy slacks combine to give a simple coordinate a clean look.

This simple coordinate combines a high gauge gray turtleneck sweater with a moderate fit that doesn’t pick up the lines of the body too much, relaxed-fit navy slacks, and black derby shoes. The clean color combination of gray and navy creates a beautiful look. The sweater with the sleeves pulled up to the elbow in response to the relaxed turtleneck is a very cozy look.

B:MING by BEAMS BBB High Gauge Turtleneck Knit

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Coordinate 4: “A gradient monotone coordinate with a twist using a gray turtleneck and cropped pants.

This monotone winter coordinate combines a warm wooden chester coat, gray turtleneck knit, calf-length cropped pants, and tough-looking black boots in a modern black-to-gray gradation. A gray turtleneck with a strong neckline and cropped pants with a half-length, which is unusual for men, add a twist to create a fresh look around the neck and on the feet.

Zanone Grey Turtleneck

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Coordinate 5: “Express a tone-on-tone look with a gray turtleneck and slacks, and wear a beige chester coat for an elegant and mild adult look.

A gray turtleneck sweater with a delicate ribbed knit and ankle-length double-tailored slacks in tone-on-tone, and a beige chester coat worn over it create an elegant and mild adult look. The sporty footwear of purple high-cut sneakers dresses it down nicely, while the gray turtleneck adds a fresh impression to the clean coat style.

GRAN SASSO 12-Gauge Turtleneck Knit

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Coordinate ⑥ “Combine a gray turtleneck with a herringbone trucker jacket and center-crease slacks to create an urban gradient coordinate.

A herringbone trucker jacket that creates a mature atmosphere different from that of a G-jean is coordinated with a gray turtleneck sweater, center-crease slacks, and black ankle boots. The gray turtleneck used as innerwear is the starting point of the brightest tone, expressing an urban chic gradation of coordinates. The choice of plain gray items with a distinctive textured feel, chosen to break up the solid mood and monotony, is brilliant!

AMI Paris Gray Turtleneck

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