Long Cardigan Codes! Picking up tips on how to wear it and men’s street snapshots of elegantly dressed men!


Long Cardigan Codes! Picking up tips on how to wear it and men's street snapshots of elegantly dressed men!

This long cardigan combines the relaxed and elegant feel that only knitwear can provide, making it the perfect piece for spring and fall. Its long, supple silhouette gives it an elegance and bourgeois look that is hard to achieve with other outerwear such as jackets and coats, and long cardigans with a rough, damaged finish are useful for loose, rough outfits such as the grunge and punk styles of the modern age. In this issue, we focus on such “long cardigans” and pick up the hottest men’s coordination and recommended items that express a fresh look with various approaches!

What are the tips for wearing long cardigans?

Tips for wearing long cardigans (1) “Select items that suit your height and physique.

To wear a long cardigan fashionably, it is important to choose an item that suits your height and physique. In particular, the length of a long cardigan, which greatly affects its impression, should be between the thigh line and 5 cm below the knee. If the length is shorter than the thigh line, it may look half-hearted and unrefined. On the other hand, if the length is longer than 5 cm below the knee, it is difficult to balance the styling, and it may detract from the mature and sophisticated look. Of course, it is important that the size of the item be neither too tight nor too loose, but rather relaxed enough to create a sense of comfort. When the front is closed tightly, make sure that the arms and chest are not too tight or too loose, and that the cardigan does not look loose and sloppy. This will ensure a good balance of styling and provide a shortcut to a fashionable look.

Long cardigan coordination tips (2) “Determine the appropriate silhouette and length of the bottoms depending on how you wear them.

For a clean and neat look, choose slim-fit bottoms, while wide-leg bottoms are the best choice for a more relaxed and loose-fitting look. For slim-fit bottoms, choose shorter lengths such as ankle-length or cropped, while wide pants and baggy jeans should cushion the full length. Once the pairing of cardigan and bottoms has been successfully achieved by determining the silhouette and length of the bottoms that match the long cardigan, the outline of the outfit is naturally completed, and all that remains is to set the right innerwear and shoes for the day.

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