Three “adult knitwear” that will make your spring outfits look powerful and full of life!


Three "adult knitwear" that will make your spring outfits look powerful and full of life!

Lightweight, thin outerwear will be the mainstay of the spring season, so knitwear with powerful knitting fabrics is ideal for differentiating your coordination.

We have carefully selected knitwear for adults that is simple, plain, elegant, and has a different kind of appeal!

It is easy to stand out by incorporating flashy patterns and colors, but whether people around you will think you are fashionable or not is another story. In order to achieve a coordinated look that differentiates you from others and has a mature and classy look, it is recommended to find a balance that does not look overdone, and to try a moderately aggressive coordination. For example, showing differences in the tailoring, silhouette, and material of the clothes themselves is a strong option. For knitwear, choose a model that focuses on the knitting fabrics we will introduce hereafter , and you can easily achieve a coordination that is different and appealing, even if it is plain.

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The “single-bye-bye” knit is called the royal road of knit fabrics. The back side of this knitted fabric is characterized by a flat appearance called ” flatness. This knitwear has a beautiful impression by using the “flat” surface of the knit between 1 and 2 beds as the surface of the knit. THE WOOSTER CARDIGAN” features a shawl collar lapel design that can be worn like a jacket. This season, a limited edition “gold button” version is released. Just by wearing it, you can feel the rich atmosphere of an adult in this special piece.

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(2) INVERALLAN Hand-Knit Crewneck

Speaking of a brand that develops luxurious hand-knits carefully finished by skilled knitters in Scotland one by one, it is Inverarlan. This cable-knit sweater, made of thick wool and luxuriously hand-knitted, will surely add an overwhelming power and presence to your coordination. This is a knit that will last a lifetime, and is also a gift for a special partner.

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Mesh knitwear is attracting attention as the next trend item. While a sweater may give the impression of being too modest, a shirt with a collar like this may be easy to incorporate. The line detailing on the collar is a nice accent that prevents the shirt from looking too formal. The mesh knit stretches as it is worn, so it has a tight, short-length feel.

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