A collection of 28 examples of men’s winter outfits elevated by the use of denim jacket innerwear!


A collection of 28 examples of men's winter outfits elevated by the use of denim jacket innerwear!

Using a denim jacket as an inner layer is a great way to add a playful touch to a monotonous winter coordinate and create a sense of sophistication. It is of course possible to layer it with casual outerwear, but it is also a good idea to add a touch of sophistication by matching it with a coat that has a strong dressier feel. The way the front buttons are fastened and the collar is arranged also give the denim jacket innerwear a variety of looks and broaden the range of outfits. In this issue, we will introduce you to the hottest winter coordinates and recommended denim jackets under the theme of “using denim jackets as innerwear!

How to successfully use a denim jacket as innerwear?

Denim jackets come in a wide variety, from G-jacket-type trucker jackets to coveralls and tailored jackets, but the most popular trucker type has a short length and compact silhouette, making it ideal for use as an inner layer. In particular, overcoats such as stainless-steel collar coats, trench coats, and Chester coats, which can be easily matched with denim jackets, are convenient for layering. Generally, these overcoats are tailored to be worn over a tailored jacket, so unless the size is chosen incorrectly, the original silhouette will not be lost and the look is very smart even if the denim jacket is worn over it.

Next, check out the examples of how it is worn!

The second type of denim jacket is used as an inner lining for a navy chester coat with a modest checkered pattern to give both a beautiful impression and a rugged appearance.

The understated checkered pattern of the navy chester coat and the moderately faded look of the second type G-jacket are in sync with each other, creating a chic look that is both beautiful and rugged. The coat and denim jacket are blended with the navy blue base, while the combination of gray slacks rolled up to the ankles and burgundy work boots smartly expresses a mix of adult styles. The denim jacket, casually fastened at the top two buttons to create a loose fit at the waist, is also a masterpiece!

Levi’s Denim Jacket Type II

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The denim jacket used as an inner layer and the collar of the Chester coat worn on top are turned up to create a three-dimensional effect around the turtleneck.

The Chester coat and denim jacket layering style mixes dress and casual wear to create a sophisticated look. The gentleman in the photo lifts the collar of the denim jacket and the upper collar of the coat so that they overlap, creating a three-dimensional effect around the turtleneck and giving the outfit a more sophisticated look. The high-level layering of the Chester coat and denim jacket, which is practiced by many fashionable people, is given a touch of a twist with the red cap, and is beautifully sublimated into a stylish and sophisticated styling that gives the impression of a mature person with room to spare.

Diesel Denim Jacket

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