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How to avoid mistakes in “denim on denim” men’s coordination strategies.


How to avoid mistakes in "denim on denim" men's coordination strategies.

Denim-on-denim” is a well-known coordination technique in which denim fabric items are used to unify the top and bottom of the outfit. While it can give you a sophisticated and sophisticated look, it can also make you look dowdy, depending on how you wear it. In this issue, we will introduce some examples of stylish “denim-on-denim” coordinates, as well as strategies and recommended items to avoid mistakes.

The Basics of Men's Codes in 2024!

The ” oversized ” dressing style has been a trend for the past few years. Although the fashionable among us have recently begun to pay attention to just the right size styling, the basic sizing for men’s coordination in 2024 will still be ” loose-fitting “. Denim-on-denim is no exception, and this year we recommend wearing a size that gives you a good sense of roominess.

Editor Tachibana
I have a feeling that “styling that is not oversized but has some room around the shoulders and waist” like the above outfit will become a standard from now on. I think you can wear it without any difficulty if it has this level of relaxed feeling.

From here, we will introduce specific coordination techniques to capture the denim-on-denim look, along with some noteworthy snaps.

Denim on denim strategy (1)Add a sporty essence by layering a hoodie

While taking advantage of the rugged atmosphere of denim on denim, a hoodie is an effective way to create a casual style that fits in well with the city. The hoodie is a powerful way to create a casual style that blends in well with the city. By adding a cap and keeping the overall look loose-fitting, you can create a street-style look.

Denim on denim strategy (2)

The outerwear is a styling technique that can create a more advanced mood while keeping the denim-on-denim assertiveness in check. In addition to coats such as stainless coats, mod coats, and Chester coats, a mountain parka is also a good choice in early spring for a lightweight look.

Editor Tachibana
The key to a well-balanced look is to choose outerwear that is long enough to cover the hem of the denim jacket. short-length outerwear that has recently become popular, such as MA-1s and drizzle jackets, are a bit more challenging to match with denim-on-denim.

Denim on denim strategy (3)

Since the denim-on-denim outfit itself is for advanced users, it is a good idea to choose as orthodox a model as possible for the shoes to match your feet. For sneakers, All Star or Air Force 1, and for boots, Irish Setter or Wallaby boots are good choices.

Editor Tachibana
Since denim jackets and jeans were born in the U.S., I personally think it makes sense to match them with authentic shoes from American brands like the ones I mentioned above. Once you get a little used to it, you can try wearing it with Bergeron shoes or mules, which are favored by people in the apparel industry.

Denim on Denim Strategy 4Scarf / Bandana

The use of a scarf / bandana neutralizes the rough atmosphere of denim on denim. If you feel your chest area is a bit lonely when wearing a crew-neck T-shirt as an undergarment, consider using accessories like this.

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Denim on Denim (5)Highly Sensitive and Stylish People are Conscious of 'Business Core'

“Business Core” refers to a casual style that incorporates a shirt and a necktie. business-core” refers to a casual style that incorporates a shirt and tie. The highly fashionable and sophisticated express their business-core with denim-on-denim.

Editor Tachibana
Although we have introduced this as a coding technique in the sense of understanding the trend, simply wearing denim-on-denim with a tied-up shirt could make you look like a ” factory-length style. If you are an avant-garde fashion lover, you may be able to get away with it, but it would be better if you are a good old adult not to try it. If you are going to try it, since it is a casual style, we recommend breaking it up a bit and giving it a rough atmosphere like stylish college styles from overseas. For a more modern look, try wearing leather shoes with a chunky toe.

Denim on denim strategy ⑥There is also the option of wearing different colors on the top and bottom

For those who are not comfortable with denim on denim in the same color on the top and bottom, I would suggest wearing denim on denim in a different color on the jacket and pants. As shown in the snapshot below, the G-jacket is a classic indigo blue, and the jeans are stylishly black.

For an advanced look, denim-on-denim can be expressed with a jacket and pants in different shades of indigo.

Editor Tachibana
For a spring-like denim-on-denim expression, we recommend a pale light blue denim jacket with white jeans. For the innerwear, why not take a look at the striped cut and sewn combination as shown in the following coordinate? The size feels a little tight compared to Ima’s mood, but it fits his style and this is good.

Denim on denim strategy (7)In spring and summer, denim on denim with a denim shirt is also a good choice

Denim on denim is a popular combination of a denim jacket and jeans, but in spring and summer, a denim shirt and jeans are also a good choice. However, in spring and summer, a denim shirt and jeans are also a good way to create a light impression. The denim shirt can easily be worn with outerwear, as described in (2), without feeling uncomfortable.

men ss 2024 / paris / street fashion / paris street day 3 /

Editor Tachibana
Denim shirts can be worn on their own or with a T-shirt as a jacket, as shown below. I think it’s a good idea to consider denim shirts as one of the candidates for spring outerwear.

What to buy denim top and bottom in 2024?Denim on denim recommendations!

To increase the probability of success in denim-on-denim dressing, we recommend that you use the same brand for the top and bottom. Here are the denim jackets and jeans that our editors have carefully selected to buy in 2024.

Editor Tachibana
When it comes to introducing denim items, Levi’s is a must. The brand offers a variety of denim options, from current to vintage to the LVC line, which faithfully reproduces vintage styles. Among these, it is the special-order models of select stores that can realize denim-on-denim styling with a modern feel at a high rate. The sense of tuning a standard item to fit the current mood of the target audience is still the best. Every select store offers special-order Levi’s models, so be sure to check them out.

Find select store special order Levi’s.

Denim on Denim (2) to be promoted in 2024Dwelling an urban French flair; rigid denim from A.P.C.

Editor Tachibana
If you are looking to achieve a sophisticated style of denim-on-denim without the wildness characteristic of denim, this brand is a strong choice. The model we picked up this time is a little off-trend in terms of tight fitting, but it boasts of an unshakable popularity that never goes out of style. Also, slim-fitting jeans tend to show faded “whiskers” and “beehinds”. If you want to enjoy your own color fading by growing them slowly throughout the year, please check them out.
Denim Jacket Click here for more details
Jeans Click here for more details

Denim on Denim in 2024 (3)A fusion of tsu-favorite specs and modern fitting! Schott's 13oz denim

Editor Tachibana
Schott is famous for its One Star leather jackets, but in fact, its other American casual goods, which make use of production know-how cultivated over its long history, are also of high quality and have many fans. The denim jacket is based on the 1st model and incorporates laurel buttons, a design that is popular with the twee. The jeans also have suspender buttons on the belt and an unusual cinch back. The price tag for this quality is also exquisite, at the 50,000 yen level as of March 2024 for both the top and bottom.
Denim Jacket Click here for more details
Jeans Click here for more details

Denim on denim to be promoted in 2024 (4)A mode denim top and bottom by an enthusiastic denim lover. denim-on-denim by KENZO

Editor Tachibana
KENZO’s denim, directed by NIGO®, a vintage collector and known enthusiast denim lover, is still a sight to behold. This denim-on-denim combines a loose-fitting denim jacket with zigzag stitching on the front, which is probably based on the “Lee” style, and jeans with a beautiful straight silhouette that falls to the hem. I think this is a rare example of a well-designed silhouette that is perfect for fashion use, while retaining the ruggedness that American casual-kei followers seem to prefer.
Denim Jacket Click here for more details
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Denim on denim for 2024 (5)The hottest denim brand for 2024 is here! Black denim by Acne Studios

Editor Tachibana
Acne Studios has gained a huge following for its denim wear on social networking sites. I personally feel that the brand’s worldview, as well as the processing and silhouette, are very much in tune with the current mood. If you are looking for “fashionable denim for adults with a moderate vintage feel and a sense of elegance produced by a brand that is strong in denim,” then this is definitely the place for you. This time, we introduced the black denim-on-denim because of the fact that you can enjoy the faded look while the black color remains, but the other models are also attractive, so if you are interested in them, please check them out.
Denim Jacket Click here for more details
Jeans Click here for more details

Editor Tachibana
A bit geeky, perhaps, but Hour Legacy offers denim-on-denim with design features that make a modest but definite difference, such as changing the way the fabric’s ground grain is taken from part to part to give a different faded look, or making the pants carpenter-shaped instead of jeans. It is quite rare to find a denim top and bottom that can be so unique without resorting to flashy prints, patterns, or outlandish pattern work.
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