Silver Fox Style: 10 Recommended Hairstyles and Styling Tips for Men’s Silver Hair


Silver Fox Style: 10 Recommended Hairstyles and Styling Tips for Men's Silver Hair

Like blonde hair, silver hair is a representative high-tone color that asserts individuality. Since silver hair does not feel heavy, it goes well with hairstyles that create movement, such as bunches of hair, making it easy to create urban, energetic hairstyles. In this issue, we will focus on silver hair for men and introduce hairstyles and styling techniques that make the most of silver hair.

How many bleaches does it take to get silver hair?

Depending on the hair type, you may want to bleach your hair at least 2~3 times. There are colorants that can be used without bleaching to achieve a clear and bright tone, but they do not have the clear texture and brightness of silver hair, so it is safe to bleach the hair repeatedly. For more pigmented or thicker hair, white bleach, which has a strong bleaching effect, can be used, but even so, it will not remove all of the color in a single bleach. The more times you bleach your hair, the more you will have to pay for it, so be sure to budget well.

What are the advantages of having silver hair?

Silver hair has the advantage of producing a clear, bright look with minimal redness, and is easy to make light. It is also perfect for creating a masculine, sharp, and wild impression, and can be arranged in bunches to add a sophisticated look. Also, many people have the impression that high tones only suit young people in their 20s, but they can be perfectly suited to mature men in their 40s and beyond, and are recommended regardless of age.

Note the disadvantages of silver men’s hair.

Because of the extreme brightness of the high-toned hair color, it is necessary to pay more attention to hair care. Hair breakage and dryness are bound to occur after bleaching several times, so it is best to use treatments and hair oil, and of course, to take care of any pain caused by friction. Also, silver hair is made beautifully silver by applying colorant while reducing the yellow tint of blonde hair, but keep in mind that the color will only last about 1~2 weeks. If you want to enjoy the color for as long as possible, we recommend using Murasaki shampoo.

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