Center part with a close-cropped hairline? Or not? Hairstyle examples and recommended styling products.


Center part with a close-cropped hairline? Or not? Hairstyle examples and recommended styling products.

The “center part” is now the most frequently ordered hairstyle at hair salons. Many of you may be wondering if the traditional “trimmed hair” style goes well with such a trendy hairstyle. In this issue, we will introduce some examples of “center part and close-cropped” hairstyles.

Center part with a close-cropped haircut! If you are looking for a fresh and clean look, this is definitely the way to go!

As it turns out, the center part and a close-cropped haircut go well together. It is also effective for a brighter face and a fresher look. It is also recommended for those who want to make their hair look a little cooler and cleaner.

The ” center part and close-cropped ” can also change the impression depending on the length of the top and bang.

While we recommend the beautiful gradation of hairstyles like the one shown above, we also recommend the center part and close-cropped hairstyle with layers added, leaving the top length. This will accentuate the natural flow of the hair and give it a more casual look. For a more natural look, try a loose perm such as a nuanced perm to add an element of wavy hair.

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Who do you recommend ” center part and close-cropped “?

For those who want to make the center part, which is usually heavy, look as light as possible, a close-cropped hair cut would be effective. It is also recommended for those who tend to have volume on the sides, which tends to disrupt the overall silhouette, and for those who want a center part that is just above the eyebrows for a firm, crisp look. On the other hand, both the center part and the trimmed hairline emphasize vertical lines, so be careful if you have a long face.

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