Revamp Your Look with the Latest Center Parted and Permed Hairstyles for Men: Tips and Examples


Revamp Your Look with the Latest Center Parted and Permed Hairstyles for Men: Tips and Examples

The “center parted” haircut is no longer just a trend, but has become the most popular hairstyle for men. Until recently, bobs with a sophisticated finish were popular, but now the mainstream is to add more layers and movement to the hair. The combination of a center part and a perm has been gaining in popularity. In this issue, we will introduce some examples of hairstyles and styling tips based on the theme of “center part and perm.

Center parted and permed hair makes it easy to express your personality! It’s also easy to set the hair, so it’s great for men who don’t like to bother with it!

The center part has been popular as a trendy hairstyle since around 2018, riding the 90’s revival boom, and is now a standard hairstyle practiced by a wide range of men. The number of people who are adopting perms to add individuality to these standard hairstyles is on the rise. The type of perm, the strength of the curls, and where the perm is applied can be freely arranged, so it is very easy to create a unique look. The appeal is that a good-looking haircut can be completed quickly by simply rubbing in styling products and creating bunches of hair or a flow of hair.

Center parted x Permanent hairstyle

You’ll want to copy it! 10 examples of the latest “Center parted x Perm” hairstyles

Here we introduce a center parted style that is in season right now. We will introduce hairstyles that make full use of a variety of perm work as well as the royal Korean mix, so please refer to them.

Center part w/permed hairstyle recommended hair 1: “Elegant and cool with a soft and fluffy look

This center parted style is so natural that it doesn’t look like it has been permed. The combination of the so-called “curly” style perm is perfect for creating a naturally stylish look. Another appeal of this style is that it is not a strong perm, so it is easy to arrange, and it is also popular with people who do not choose what to wear with it. It is perfect for those who want to change their hair style while subtly incorporating trends, rather than giving it a quick makeover with a perm.

▶︎Styling tips

The trick is to use a styling product that gives a soft finish, rather than a crisp look. Dry the hair while parting the bangs and letting the roots stand up, then rub wax into the hair as if you are holding the hair from above to make it airy. The natural look can be accentuated by creating a haphazard look without being conscious of the symmetrical silhouette.

Recommended styling products for this haircut ▶︎”ARIMINO Spice Cream & Sisters Soft Wax

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Center part w/ Perm Recommended hair 2: “Add a touch of glamour to a massive center part with a nuanced perm.

A heavy base cut that leaves volume in the hair is parted in the center to create a fresh and friendly look. The highlight of this hairstyle is a nuanced perm with large rods to create just the right amount of slack. Since the color tone of the base hair is low, the technique used to make it look modern is to create a large amount of movement mainly at the ends of the hair. How about combining it with the elegant atmosphere of reversed curls and matching it with beautiful fashion?

▶︎Styling tips

A hairstyle with volume will lose its cohesiveness if the hair is dry, so it is a must to keep up with hair care on a daily basis. If you have thick hair, it will be difficult to achieve a voluminous hair style as well, so make use of hair treatments and oils. When styling, it is recommended to use a light hair wax to make the most of the fluffy texture of permed hair.


Recommended styling products for this haircut ▶︎”DEMI Wave Design Cube Air Loose Wax

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Center part x Perm Recommended hair 3: “Bundled short hair with a center part for a fuller, more vibrant look.

As more and more people are wearing masks, it is popular to add a fuller, more dynamic look to the haircut. Especially, up-bangs and center-parts are popular to show off the forehead to create a clean and masculine look. This hairstyle pinpoints the center of the trend, with a short center part that is wildly attractive with a bundled look. The face is tightly cropped and permed to create movement, making it resistant to sweat and humidity.

▶︎Styling tips

Styling is easy because the perm gives it a lot of movement. Wet hair from the roots once to enhance the curls, then towel dry thoroughly. Then, while semi-drying, apply an easy-to-blend hair wax mainly to the ends of the hair to complete the look. Finish by scattering the hair in small sections to accentuate the bundled look.

Recommended styling products for this haircut ▶︎”EARTHEART (Earth Heart) Styling Wax Soft

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Center part x Perm Recommended hair 4: “An urban center part that best combines sophistication and activity.

A center parted hairdo for adults with a higher level of playfulness. The volume is kept low, so the bangs are see-through for a modern look. The collar and sides are shortened to show off the fringe, which adds to the masculine look. This adds a masculine touch and balances the curly feminine look. For those with long face, a longer fringe emphasizes the vertical line, so it is better to shorten it or to follow the contours of the face with a round mustache.

▶︎Styling tips
The trick is to keep the hair about 80% dry, as a cool, wet look will enhance the coolness of the hair. Choose a non-greasy, light-textured hair wax and apply it mainly to the ends of the hair, being careful not to apply too much. It is especially important to use a small amount of styling product and quickly distribute it to the ends of the hair so that it does not harden.

Recommended styling products for this haircut ▶︎”OCEAN TRICO Hair Wax Natural Loose x Keep”

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Center part w/ Perm Recommended hair 5: “A center part with a loose perm for a stylish look that isn’t too pretentious.

The trendy loose, fluffy perm creates a gentle atmosphere that is both friendly and stylish. The soft texture and moderate three-dimensionality create a sophisticated impression. It also has the ability to suit a wide range of men’s hair types, with the volume adjustment of the perm, the silhouette of the hair ends, and the ability to moderately conceal the contours of the hair, creating a great matching effect. It is worth a try for those who have had a hard time finding a trendy hairstyle that suits them.

▶︎Styling tips

First, part the bangs and dry thoroughly so that they stand up. The trick is to blow dry the hair from the bottom. The rest of the hair should be air-dried with a gentle touch, rubbing the scalp to avoid stretching the curls. Finish with a light finishing hair wax to adjust volume and silhouette.

Recommended styling products for this hair style ▶︎”Nakano Styling Tanto N Wax 2 Normal Type

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