6 Trending Korean Men’s Hairstyles That Could Become Popular in Japan


6 Trending Korean Men's Hairstyles That Could Become Popular in Japan

Korean-style hairstyles are very popular in Japan due to the influence of K-POP idols and Korean dramas. With mash hair and center parting at the top of the list, which have now become men’s staples, popular hairstyles in Korea tend to be trendy in Japan as well. So this time, we will introduce a selection of “popular Korean hairstyles” that may possibly become popular in Japan as well!

Karma Hair

Karma is a Korean word meaning “parting,” and karma hair refers to a hairstyle with a parting and an outside parting. Karma perm is indispensable to achieve this karma hairstyle, and the key is to apply it in such a way that the hair flows gently backwards. This makes the forehead appear narrower, and the diamond-shaped silhouette can be easily created, which is not only fashionable but also has the effect of making the face smaller. Incidentally, curling the bangs inward creates comma hair.

Geil Cut (Geil Perm)

The Geil cut is a style in which the bangs are parted 5:5 or 6:4, with one side down and the other side swept back and secured with a spray. This style is known as the haircut used by actor Park Seo-jung and Cha Eun-woo of the idol group ASTRO. Basically, the bangs should be set above the eyes. If the bangs are long, it is recommended to curl them slightly to create a comma hairstyle.

Hash cut (Korean style wolf cut)

The hash cut is a haircut in which the front and back hairs are cut to connect, and the hair is layered and finished with a lot of hair volume. It is also called a Korean-style Wolf cut because it is similar to the Japanese Wolf cut, but the characteristics are slightly different, such as uneven hair ends and a haphazardly styled springy look. The appeal of this style is that it is easy to apply oil to the ends of the hair to create a flow of hair.

Leaf Cut

The leaf cut, a derivative of the center parting, is gaining popularity among young people and was so named because the 5:5 parted bangs look like a leaf silhouette. It is characterized by bangs that are swept back, and requires more length than the usual center parting. In addition, nuanced perms are often applied to create a flow of hair.

Crop Style

The crop style is also known as a type of barber style. The fringe is short enough to expose the forehead, while the top is rounded to create a masculine silhouette, and the sides and back are fade cut to create a masculine look. This hairstyle became popular due to the influence of the Korean drama ” Itaewon Class,” which was a huge hit in Japan. The main character, Park Se-roe, had a heavy crop style with very short bangs, which is why many people in Korea order their hair short and heavy. If this hairstyle is to be practiced, it will be necessary to apply a down perm to prevent the bangs from floating, so it is best to order when there is plenty of time!

Ivy League Cut

The Ivy League cut is a Korean twist on a hairstyle popular among Ivy League college students. The cut is similar to the Ivy cut in Japan, but the bangs are cut down instead of up, and the hair is cut so that it connects from the side to the top, giving a different impression. Another reason for its popularity is that it can be worn with a variety of outfits, from suits to street styles. In Korea, it is known that actor Yoo Ah In and Ten of the male idol group NCT have adopted this style.

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