Exploring the World of Men’s Mash Cut Hairstyles: From Classic to Seasonal Variations


Exploring the World of Men's Mash Cut Hairstyles: From Classic to Seasonal Variations

The mash cut gained attention as a hair trend around the mid-2010s and continues to be popular, especially among young people. Because it has been popular for so long, there are many variations. In this issue, we will introduce the different types of mash-cut hairstyles along with examples of hairstyles. We hope that those who are considering mash-cut hair or who want to arrange mash-cut hair a little will find this information useful.

What is a “mash cut”?

Mush cut” is an abbreviation of “mushroom cut,” and as the name suggests, it refers to a cut with a rounded silhouette like a mushroom. Originally popularized by the Beatles in the 1970s, the haircut has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity since around 2014, riding the tide of the revival boom. Today, it is a staple hairstyle for men, and many salons offer different variations based on the mash cut.

What are the advantages of having a mash cut?

There are so many advantages to having a mash cut. For example, it can easily hide complexions such as a wide forehead, and its rounded silhouette can cover up a protruding beak or precipice. In addition, it is a hairstyle that is relatively easy to suit all face types, and it is also easy to implement while growing out hair from short to medium to long. On the other hand, it is basically a heavy hairstyle that can give a dark impression, but this can be mitigated by adding movement and color.

Six different types of mash cuts!

Because it is a well established standard and easy to use as a base, salons are offering a variety of mash cuts. Some of them look the same but have different names, and the general public is probably not familiar with them. So, here are some of the variations.

Types of mash cut (1) “Korean mash

At first glance, it looks like a normal mash cut, but in the case of Korean mash, the entire hair is finished in a heavier style. The bangs are placed just above the eyes, and the weight is set high to take advantage of the smooth texture of straight hair in many cases. The back of the hair is usually gradated or trimmed to accentuate the heavy impression. The mysterious atmosphere that is the charm of mash can be fully expressed, but depending on the combination of clothing and mask, it may give too dark an impression, so care must be taken.

Type of mash cut (2) “cloud mash”

Cloud (cloud) means cloud, and a softly finished mash cut is called cloud mash. In many cases, layered cuts and slide cuts are used to create that airy look, and this makes it easy to create a sense of bundling and movement. It also goes well with loose perms, such as the nuanced perm. Because there is no specific weight or weight limit, this style is easy to arrange and is recommended for a wide range of people.

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Arrangement of mash cut (3) “Reaped mash

As the name suggests, a close-cropped mash cut is a mash cut with a close-cropped edge. Since it is a fairly broad type of mash cut, many mash cuts would fall under this category. The two key points of “mash cut” are “how far to cut” and “length of cut”, which changes the impression of the cut. If you want to enjoy a crisp look with a mop and mash, we recommend a high mop and a short mash (1mm~3mm), but if you want a pop impression, it is safe to keep the mop position low and finish it at about 5mm.

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Mush cut arrangement (4) “Mush spiral

Mush spirals have been attracting attention since around 2021. This haircut combines a mash cut with a spiral perm, and its appeal is that it allows people to express their individuality depending on the degree to which the perm is applied. Another factor contributing to the popularity of this style is that it is easy to set, requiring only the application of styling products to recreate the curl and flow of the hair. Recommended for those who are looking for a makeover or who want to enjoy fashionable hair while shortening the time required to set their hair.

Arrangement of the mash cut (5) “mash wolf”

Wolf is a wolf cut, which refers to a cutting technique in which layers are added while the collar is extended. The mash wolf, which is a combination of the mash cut and the mash cut, is a hairstyle that has been gradually gaining popularity since around 2021, especially among highly sensitive young people. Although you are free to choose how much you want to grow out your collar, you will need at least 3 cm to make it look like a wolf, so if you have it cropped, you will need to grow it out for at least two months. In many cases, people who want to change their hairstyle from mash to something else but need to grow their hair longer to do so are also ordering mash wolves.

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Mush cut arrangement (6) “see-through mash

The most popular mash cut of the season is the see-through mash. This is a mash cut that combines a see-through bang with bangs that are light enough to show through the forehead, and is gaining popularity because it looks good without being too heavy. The see-through mash cut is popular because it is not too heavy and looks good. Different salons offer different see-through mash styles, such as adding layers on the top and sides to match the light bangs for easy movement, or applying a perm to make the overall look lighter. It is also easy to arrange a center part. Incidentally, see-through mash is also sometimes called Korean mash because it became widely known after Jong-Guk of the Korean boy group BTS practiced this hairstyle.

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