Highly sensitive men are practicing, check out the latest hairstyles for 2022!


Highly sensitive men are practicing, check out the latest hairstyles for 2022!

Hairstyle trends change day by day, and many of you are probably wondering what kind of hairstyles will be popular in 2022. So this time, we’ll introduce a selection of the latest men’s hairstyles for 2022!

2022 Men’s Latest Hairstyle (1) “Wavy Perm”

The wavy perm is characterized by its wavy waves. It goes well with mash hair and center parting, which are the mainstream hairstyles today, and it is also gaining a lot of support from young people, helped by the fact that the strength and fineness of the waves can be used to create individuality. It is also recommended for those who are not accustomed to having their hair set, as it is easy to create a cool hairstyle by simply blending in styling products. Incidentally, wavy perms may not be available at some beauty salons, so it is a must to confirm whether or not it is possible when making an appointment.

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2022 Men’s newest hairstyle 2 “See-through mash

See-through mash refers to mash hair that is made transparent by lightening the bangs and creating bunches of hair. See-through bangs originally attracted attention as a trendy hair style for women, but it became a hot topic among men after male K-POP idols wore see-through mash. Compared to regular mash hair, it gives a more relaxed impression and a somewhat friendly mood. Another great point is that it is surprisingly easy to set the hair, as it only requires hair oil or hair balm.

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See-through mash” is the next evolution of mash hair, and it’s a great way to get a fresh look! Pick up examples of the latest hairstyles at

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2022 Men’s hairstyle 3: Spiral center part

A spiral perm combined with a center part, a classic men’s hairstyle. The vertical curls create a three-dimensional effect and make stiff hair look softer. The thickness of the rods and the strength of the chemicals used can greatly affect the finished look, making it ideal for those who do not want to share hairstyles with others. The high affinity with any fashion style is another reason why it is favored by young people.

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2022 Men’s hairstyle (4) “Trimmed twisted spiral

The twisted spiral perm is popular among young people for its carefree and rough texture. It is also easy to set the hair, and can be completed by simply applying styling products and scattering it, even when time is short. The twisted spiral hairstyle combined with a close-cropped haircut is expected to be popular in 2022. The key is to raise the trim to a high position, which covers the complexes of the hunchback and the bouffant, and at the same time creates a fresh look that makes a good impression. This edgy hairstyle is suitable for certain professions, but if you are not strict about your hairstyle, this is a good choice for you.

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2022 Men’s hairstyle (5) “Wolf center part

The Wolf Center Part is slowly gaining popularity, as if to put an end to the long-lasting “Naples” boom. Based on the center part, which is a classic men’s hairstyle, the collar is elongated and finely layered. It adds a masculine and sexy atmosphere, and its popularity is spurred by the fact that it can be worn with just about any outfit. If you are tired of the center part that is cropped up, why not shift to the Wolf center part?

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2022 Men’s hairstyle (6) “Wolf perm

As the name suggests, a Wolf perm is a haircut with a Wolf cut and a perm. The main trend is to make it look lighter, not only by the cut, but also by the irregular movement created by the perm. The most common lengths are short to medium, and it is also popular as a haircut in the middle of growing long hair. Many men combine it with mash hair.

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