10 All Back Men’s Hairstyles! Selected picks of hairstyles for mature men to incorporate.


10 All Back Men's Hairstyles! Selected picks of hairstyles for mature men to incorporate.

The all-back style is known as a synonym for wild hairstyles. Because the bangs are lifted up to expose the entire forehead, the look gives an impression of sincerity and clean masculinity. In this issue, we focus on the all-back style for men and introduce a selection of notable hairstyles and recommended styling products!

All Back Men’s Hairstyles (1) “All Back Short Hair with Slide Cut for Movement and 3D Look”

Men’s short hair is created by adding a slide cut to the same-layer base to give the all-back style movement and a three-dimensional look. The sides and collar are trimmed to sharply express the all-back contour. Random pin perms make it easy to recreate the three-dimensional look of the all-back style, and are especially recommended for those with straight hair that is difficult to create movement.

▶︎Styling tips
Blow-dry the entire hairstyle so that the bangs stand up, then rub hard wax into the hair to create volume. Apply grease at points on the sides and bangs that have been swept back to create a shiny, three-dimensional all-back style.


All Back Men’s Hairstyle (2) “Short haircut with a top volume accentuated by an oddly cropped style “

The sides are two-blocked, and the collar is trimmed in a gradient shape to create volume at the top of the all-back style. The hair is pin-permed in the reverse direction to create a beautiful flow of hair toward the back.

▶︎Styling tips
Dry the entire hair with a hair dryer while creating the all-back curl. When hair is dry, rub in hard wax to set. Finish with a spritz of hard spray.



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