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Bit loafers What’s the point of a good coordination? Examples of elegant men’s outfits.


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Bit loafers What's the point of a good coordination? Examples of elegant men's outfits.

Introducing recommended bit loafers!

Recommended Bit Loafer ① ” GUCCI “Gucci Horsebit 1953

Widely recognized as the originator of the bit loafer, GUCCI’s ” Gucci Horsebit 1953″ is a classic shape that first appeared in the 1950s and has maintained a strong presence as an essential shoe for preppy style while changing designs with innovative forms and use of materials. The classic shape was first introduced in the 1950s, and has been redesigned with innovative forms and materials.

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Recommended Bit Loafer (2) “Salvatore Ferragamo ‘FLORIAN

FERRAGAMO’s FLORIAN loafer features the brand’s iconic double Gancini ornament. The voluminous sole has a starring role, and it is a luxurious gem that goes well with casual styles such as denim and cargo pants, as well as with dress items such as set-ups and slacks.

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Recommended Bit Loafer (3) ” JALAN SRIWIJAYA “98976

JALAN SRIWIJAYA’s bit loafers use the “18045” loafer last. The upper is made of high quality French calf leather, and the sole is made of Italian leather, which is breathable and comfortable.

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Recommended Bit Loafer 4: ” TOD’S “Double T Loafer

The “Double T Loafer” from TOD’S has a mischievous design typical of Italian brands that combines two T-shaped metal fittings, which, combined with its neat form, gives the loafer a mature look. The versatility of the loafer is also a key point, as it can be used not only with suit styles and jackets, but also when you want to upgrade your casual coordinate.

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