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What is the best men’s hair wax? Ranking styling products by category!


What is the best men's hair wax? Ranking styling products by category!

When creating hairstyles, the most important part is hair setting, which is the finishing work after haircuts and perms are applied. In styling, you should carefully analyze your hair quality and the hairstyle you are aiming for, and wisely choose the most suitable hair styling products. In this issue, we categorize men’s hair styling products, mainly waxes, by purpose and introduce items in order of recommendation!

Versatile Men’s Hair Wax

Among the many hair waxes available, “all-purpose wax” can be used for short to medium hair regardless of hair type. The current standard is a type that has strong holding power but is easy to fix when the hairstyle falls apart. The men’s hair wax market is also large, with many companies competing to be the best in this highly competitive category.

No. 1 Alimino Peace Freeze Keep Wax (80g)

Alimino Peace Freeze Keep Wax is one of the most popular men’s hair waxes. This royal styling product is often used in hair salons and is a favorite of many hair stylists. The secret of its popularity lies in its strong hold and refreshing aquacase scent. It is especially good when you want to create three-dimensional hairstyles with a bunchy look. The wire film keeps roots standing up strongly, and the moisturizing and shine-enhancing ingredients in the formula help prevent dryness at the ends of easily damaged hair.

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The highly reputed Freeze Keep Wax is also available in a special refillable version!

Because this is a hair wax with a high repeat rate among men, it is also available in refill form. If you like it, we recommend you to buy a refill and use it.

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No. 2 LIPPS Free Styler Wax (85g)

Introducing a wax by one of Japan’s leading hair salons, ” LIPPS. With moderate setting and holding power, Free Styler is popular for its ease of creating bundles and airy hairstyles. It is not too shiny, so it does not give the impression of being “done” and is popular among men for its natural look.

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No. 3 Nakano Styling Wax 7 (90g)

Nakano Styling Wax 7, the strongest setting wax in the Nakano Styling Wax lineup, is the most popular hair wax series. The secret of its popularity is that it is stretchy and easily blended into hair, making it easy to create hair bunches, and its setting power lasts for a long time.

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No. 4 Webo Design Cube Hold Wax (80g)

From the popular ” Wavo Design Cube ” series comes this hold wax. Its strong setting power and moderate shine have won repeat orders from many men. As a styling product sold exclusively at hair salons, it is also used by many professionals. The pop package design reminiscent of Lego blocks is another reason for its popularity. Shiny pearl ingredients are added to care for damaged, dry hair.

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No. 5 DEUXER Hard Wax 5 (80g)

Among the popular ” Deuxer ” series, the most popular is Hard Wax 5, which has excellent balancing power. Its strong setting power and controlled shine make it easy to use for all types of hairstyles, and it is especially useful for styling hair with a bunchy look and bold hair movement. The modern and stylish package design is another reason for its popularity among sensitive men.

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No. 6 Alimino Spice Sisters Freeze Wax (35g)

The ” Alimino Freeze Wax ” provides a crisp hold that keeps hair supple and stays in place all day long, no matter what the style. This super-hard wax is ideal for all hair types, from soft to hard hair, especially for short and very short styles.

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No. 7 Nakano Modenica Art Wax 6 (60g)

Nakano’s “Modenica Art,” sold exclusively at salons, is characterized by its ability to increase its setting power one step further when kneaded well in the palm of the hand. This No. 6 is useful for a variety of hairstyles, as it is easy to create bundles and also to make hair stand up easily. The fragrance changes over time, just like a perfume, which is also a good thing in the modern age.

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No. 8 GREACH Shiny Keep Hair Wax (80g)

With its eye-catching, uniquely shaped packaging, this wax is produced by “air,” a hair salon that enjoys the overwhelming support of famous celebrities and models. There are three types of waxes in the lineup, and this red one is popular for its ease of use. It is easy to create a glossy and bundled look, and if used while hair is slightly wet, it can also be used to create wet hair sets. It is also easy to remove with shampoo.

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No. 9 Alimino Spice Sisters Hard Wax (35g)

We picked up a hard-type wax from ” Alimino Spice Sisters. This styling product is ideal for short to medium styles when you want to create movement. Compared to the freeze type, the setting power is a little weaker, but the appeal of this product is that it can be reworked even after styling.

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No. 10 Nakano Styling Tanto Wax 4 (90g)

Nakano’s royal styling product, ” Styling Tanto Wax,” is synonymous with fiber wax. In fact, it underwent its first renewal in 16 years in September 2022, and was newly launched with a stylish design while maintaining the same ease of use. The higher the number in the series, the higher the setting power, and the number 4 is superior in all aspects, including setting power, shine, and ease of maintenance. It is great for a wide range of hair types, from soft to hard, straight to frizzy.

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No. 11 Demi Hitoyoni Pure Wax 11 (80g)

Hitoyoni Pure Wax” from Demi, which also produces Webo and other products, ranks in at No. 11 on our list. It is made with only ingredients used in facial cosmetics, considering not only the hair but also the skin, so it is an excellent product that can care for the hair while styling. This hard wax has strong setting and holding power, and can be used to create a variety of styles, including short styles.

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No. 12 hoyu Minire Uiwi Design Cream 7 (80g)

A creamy wax with a soft texture, but with enough holding power to make hair stand on end. It is also very easy to create bundles, making it a perfect match for layered-cut hairstyles. The sweet vanilla scent has its pros and cons, but there are countless men who love using it.

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No. 13 Loretta Devil Wax 7.0 (65g)

Loretta Devil Wax” is a line of Loretta products for men developed by hair care product manufacturer Beauty Experience Co. in collaboration with popular Tokyo hair salon GARDEN. Because it is developed by professionals, it is highly acclaimed in the beauty industry. Its greatest feature is its strong setting power, and once styled, the hair style will not fall apart for a long time. Despite the devil-motif package design, the wax is based on natural ingredients.

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No. 14 Milbon Prejume Wax 7 (90g)

This hair wax retains strong setting power but does not harden immediately after waxing, making it useful for carefully adjusting silhouette and hair bundles while setting hair. The wax itself is smooth and blends well, and its lightweight finish and ability to set hair firmly are the reasons for its popularity. It is also popular among men who use perfume because of its discreet fragrance.

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No. 15 LUBELLE TRIERE Homme Wax Free Move 9 (100g)

A cream-type wax that can express natural shine and free movement. Free Move 9 is a hard type wax, suitable for creating natural shine and free movement. It has a similar feel to Alimino Spice Sisters Freeze Wax, so it is especially recommended for users of that product.

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No. 16 Ocean Trico Hair Styling Wax JET/Jet (80g)

Ocean Trico is a wax series produced by Ocean Tokyo, a leading hair salon in Harajuku, Tokyo. JET is an all-purpose hard wax that claims to be the strongest in the series. It not only specializes in setting and holding power, but also features good extensibility to accommodate various hair types and lengths, and can be reworked after setting, allowing for flexible hairstyling. In addition, JET is formulated with ingredients that can be easily washed out with hot water and shampoo, so there is little damage to the hair and scalp, and it comes off easily when washing hands after styling. It is truly a versatile wax that solves the needs of hard waxes.

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