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4 outerwear that even a beginner in vintage clothing can get a good winter coordinate [Jackets].


4 outerwear that even a beginner in vintage clothing can get a good winter coordinate [Jackets].

Due to the rising cost of raw materials and labor, all apparel brands have been forced to raise their selling prices over the past few years. It is not unusual to see the selling price of outerwear, in particular, nearly doubled compared to a few years ago. Perhaps because of this, this year, I received a number of inquiries from people who said, “I want to buy new outerwear, but I don’t want to buy brand-name outerwear because it is too expensive, and I don’t want to touch inexpensive outerwear from unknown brands. Are there any good options?” I don’t want to buy brand new outerwear because it is too expensive, and I don’t want to touch cheap outerwear of unknown brands. When we suggested “vintage outerwear” to these “outerwear refugees,” the response was surprisingly positive.

We focus on “must-have” secondhand outerwear that you can’t go wrong with!

Following the previous article on coats, this time we pick up recommendations on the theme of jackets. This time, we will focus on “must-have outerwear that even beginners in secondhand clothing can easily adopt,” and introduce its charms along with the most notable coordinates.

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Due to the rising cost of raw materials and labor, all apparel brands have been forced to raise their selling prices ove...

Vintage outerwear (1) “Schott’s Policeman Jacket

It is not uncommon to encounter models of well-known brands that are still unknown to us when we look into vintage clothing. For example, “Schott” is well-known for the “One Star” leather jacket worn in the famous movie “The Wild One. In fact, the company has a history of manufacturing policeman’s jackets for the U.S. police, and these jackets are rarely seen in secondhand clothing stores. It is a zip-up jacket that can be woven like a blouson, and is characterized by the two pigeonholes on the chest that are opened to attach a police badge. If you are looking for a rugged leather jacket that is different from a rider’s jacket or a flight jacket, why not check out this model?

Leather jacket by Schott, 24,200 yen (Safari 4) Gentleman Project knitwear, 22,000 yen; slacks, 17,500 yen ( https://www.gentleman-projects.com/) Moscato sunglasses, 46,200 yen (Moscato Tokyo) Grand Seiko watch 792,000 yen (Seiko Watch Customer Service Center)

Editor Tachibana
If this is your first attempt at a vintage leather jacket, we recommend that you look for a simple, single-breasted design for the shape. The reason for this is that the more decorated a leather jacket is, the more limited the styles that go with it. For example, a double-breasted leather jacket with many metal parts such as zips and studs will give you a biker or rock band musician look, so you will need a lot of technique to fit in as street wear. Of course, it is good if the style is consistent and the size is perfect, but if you want to reduce the probability of failure, you should definitely choose a simple single-breasted leather jacket from a trusted brand like Schott introduced here.

Vintage outerwear (2) “Patagonia ‘down jacket'”

If functionality is important when choosing winter outerwear, a down jacket from a brand with a strong outdoor presence would be a strong choice. Masterpiece outerwear such as The North Face’s Nupsi and Woolrich’s Arctic Parka, which combine functionality and design that tickle men’s fancy, have the appeal to be worn for many years without worrying about going out of style. The model below is wearing Patagonia’s ” FROZEN RANGE PARKA. This model was developed as a down jacket with excellent heat retention at the top level among Patagonia products. The GORE-TEX®︎ fabric loaded with 700-fill-power down provides excellent protection from the cold, and the hood design is high enough to completely cover everything from the eyes down. The hood design is high enough to cover everything from the eyes down, giving it an appeal that sets it apart from other down jacket styles. The semi-long length of the jacket, which covers up to the hips, makes it a good choice for layering the jacket in a mid-outerwear style.

Patagonia down, ¥88,000 (Safari 4); Gentleman Project cardigan, ¥29,700; slacks, ¥22,000; T-shirt, ¥9,000 ( https://www.gentleman-projects.com/); Ivan sunglasses, ¥44,000 (Ivan Tokyo Gallery) Ivan Tokyo Gallery)

Editor Tachibana
When it comes to down jackets from brands that are functional and suitable for town use, the major brands these days are probably North Face, Arc’teryx, and Stone Island. If you walk around Harajuku and Shibuya, you are sure to see someone wearing one of these brands at least once. For those who don’t want to be seen wearing the same brand as everyone else, the Patagonia down jackets introduced here are highly recommended. I personally feel that there is a high probability of finding interesting models of Pyrenex, Herno, etc. if you look for secondhand clothing as well.

Vintage outerwear (3) “Baracuta’s “G9″”

The charm of vintage clothing is that if you are lucky, you can purchase current items of standard models at reasonable prices. The most attractive feature of this item is its perfect balance, which allows it to be worn over a T-shirt or knit, or as a middle layer of an overcoat in the middle of winter. Furthermore, the unparalleled variety of materials and colors means that if you find a design you like, you can buy it in bulk for a reasonable secondhand price. In the coordination below, the color of the inner lining of the G9 is chosen to match the color of the checkered pattern on the lining, creating a playful styling in a simple outfit. The short length is in season and goes well with slacks.

Baracuta swing top JPY 29,700 (Safari Store #5) Gentleman Project knit JPY 22,000, slacks JPY 22,000, T-shirt JPY 9,000 ( https://www.gentleman-projects.com/) Ivan sunglasses JPY 44 1,210,000 yen (Ivan Tokyo Gallery) Grand Seiko watch 1,210,000 yen (Seiko Watch Customer Service Center)

Editor Tachibana
One of the short-length outerwear trends that has been gaining a lot of attention lately, and a definite staple is Baracuta’s ” G9 “. This short-length jacket is ideal for those who prefer orthodox brands such as Burberry, Aquascutum, and Mackintosh. Baracuta also has a lot of collaborations and limited editions. Recently, the collaboration with Babur attracted a lot of attention. The “G9” is one of those items that, like the Levi’s 501, you just can’t resist collecting.

Vintage outerwear (4) “military-issue safari jacket

It is also fun to select your favorite used outerwear based on your feeling, taking the unique texture of old clothes as an attraction. In particular, military surplus items, although there are differences in specifications depending on the country and age, are items that do not carry a brand image, good or bad, so it is easy to choose the outerwear of your choice by focusing on appearance and texture. The model below is wearing a safari jacket of unknown age. The texture of the fabric is well worn, and holes and fraying can be seen here and there, giving the jacket an authentic look.

Secondhand safari jacket: ¥14,080 (slat main store) Gentleman Project driver’s knit: ¥27,500 ( https://www.gentleman-projects.com/) Houston cargo pants: ¥8,250 (Nakata Shoten) Ivan 7285 sunglasses: ¥68,200 Sunglasses JPY 68,200 (Ivan 7285 Tokyo)

Editor Tachibana
One of the charms of vintage clothing is that you can enjoy visiting vintage clothing stores that sell no-name brand items at low prices, and just look for the best military jacket ever made by you. The safari jackets introduced this time were selected based on the theme of thick fabric and loose size, and are highly versatile enough to be worn over thick knits as well as T-shirts, so they are recommended for beginners of military vintage clothing. Conversely, it is better to avoid summer-specific safari jackets made of thin shirt fabrics, as they have an image of being much more difficult to dress up. There are countless options for military vintage clothing, so if you want to know more about it, we recommend you check out slat (who provided the clothing for this project), WIPER, and militaria.

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