Super thick at 12.8 oz. Discover a T-shirt that has both presence and elegance! Spring and summer coordinate with “VENICE”!


Super thick at 12.8 oz. Discover a T-shirt that has both presence and elegance! Spring and summer coordinate with "VENICE"!

The “rugged and strong appearance,” “does not easily lose its shape,” “does not become transparent,” etc… Heavyweight T-shirts have a strong presence. Heavyweight T-shirts have various advantages by themselves, and many men may prefer to buy them. Generally, T-shirts over 6 oz. are in the heavyweight category, and various brands offer thick T-shirts. Among these, T-shirts over 8 oz. from Camber and LOSAPA continue to be popular because they are “thick and durable. The “VENICE” introduced this time is an astonishing 12.8oz, which easily surpasses the thickness of 8oz. The knitting process is called “plated jersey” which finishes the surface of the fabric beautifully, so it has elegance. We hope you will check it out as a new standard item this year.

More than twice as powerful and robust as a typical heavy-weight T-shirt! And yet, it still looks classy and neat ” VENICE

VENICE” uses a super-thick 12.8oz fabric, more than twice the thickness of a typical 6oz heavyweight T-shirt. Because of the overwhelmingly large amount of yarn used, even plain T-shirts have a powerful presence and boast a high degree of robustness that prevents them from losing their shape even when worn hard. Another feature is that it can be worn elegantly. This is due to the “plating” technique, in which the fabric is knitted with a beautifully plied surface, resulting in a mysterious texture that has a suppleness in its stiffness. As you can see in the coordination below, this T-shirt is a perfect match for a dressy, martial-arts look with slacks that are roomy around the waist.

Bernard Zanes pants ¥45,100 (Ships Shibuya 03-3496-0481), other personal items of the stylist

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The charm is not only in the super-thick fabric! The “chest pocket” that adds an accent to your outfit is specially designed for both design and practicality.

It is difficult to coordinate a plain T-shirt alone, as it is easy to feel a lack of monotony. When the chest pocket that becomes an accent of the design is attached, a moderate accent is added, and the ease of wearing goes up remarkably. VENICE” has such a chest pocket and is designed to have both design and practicality. Inspired by the tailored jacket’s bulka pockets, the pocket opening has an elegant slant and is combined with a pocket specialized for storing eyewear. The size of the pocket is large enough to completely cover the lenses, gently protecting your precious sunglasses. Since the inside of the pocket is separated, there is little risk of damage even if other small items are stored together with the sunglasses.

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The “seasonal big box silhouette” and “firm fabric” can be expected to cover up your body shape!

A boxy BIG silhouette with a wide body width and not too long in length is adopted. One of the reasons why “VENICE” goes well with elegant slacks is that there is little worry about giving the impression that the tops are too long and sloppy. The combination of the firm fabric and the BIG silhouette does not pick up the lines of the body, so it also has the advantage of covering the stomach area, which is a concern.

East Harbor Surplus pants JPY35,200 (S.D.I. 03-6721-1070) Ray-Ban sunglasses JPY31,680 (Luxottica Japan Customer Service 0120-990-307) Other items: stylist’s personal effects

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You can wear this T-shirt with confidence! The “top and bottom pull” design is a painstaking process, and the details are perfect!

VENICE” uses the “tenchi-biki” sewing method, a time-consuming and highly durable sewing method that was used in many vintage T-shirts until around the 1980s. The threads do not fray easily even after repeated washing, so you can wear it hard without being nervous about handling it.

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A full lineup of colors centered on basic men’s colors!

VENICE” is available in four basic men’s colors: white, gray, black, and navy.

The “Mokuro Gray” gives a slightly soft impression to a monotone coordinate.

Mixed gray is expressed by combining yarns of different shades and knitting them together. Perhaps due to the mix of yarns with different pigments, the same fabric has a softer touch than other colors, allowing the wearer to wear it in a more relaxed atmosphere. The unique unevenness of the color creates a relaxed look. The monotone coordinate with black pants also gives a sense of comfort without being too stoic.

Cellar Door pants: ¥27,940 (Ships Shibuya 03-3496-0481) Ray-Ban sunglasses: ¥23,980 (Luxottica Japan Customer Service 0120-990-307) Vintage Audemars Piguet watch: ¥481,000 (Eguchi Watch Shop 0422-27-000) (2900) Adawat Touareg rings 13,200 yen (large), 12,100 yen (small) (Adawat Touareg 050-5218-3859)

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Navy, which creates a dignified impression, gives an urban feel to a seasonal sweatpants coordinate!

Sweatpants have quickly established themselves as street wear in the past few years, when the trend has been to wear relaxed outfits. For an urban look, pair them with a thick navy T-shirt like this one for a dignified impression, and the big silhouette synchronizes with the mood of the sporty pants to create a unified look.

Mokuti pants 19,800 yen (Unite Nine ☎︎03-5464-9976) Ray-Ban sunglasses 28,380 yen (Luxottica Japan Customer Service ☎︎0120-990-307) Other personal items of stylists

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VENICE” is available only at the official GENTLEMAN PROJECTS store!

The thick T-shirt ” VENICE ” can be purchased only at the official GENTLEMAN PROJECTS store. In addition to T-shirts, GENTLEMAN PROJECTS offers a wide variety of plain T-shirts made of high quality fabrics, so be sure to check out their other new basic items such as ” LIBRA ” slacks for on/off wear and ” WOOSTER and other new basic items.

Click here for the official GENTLEMAN PROJECTS store

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