T-shirt ” PERSEUS ” is hot!


T-shirt " PERSEUS " is hot!

Plain T-shirts are available in a wide variety of styles. You want to choose the best model that fits your ideal taste. The “PERSEUS” T-shirts introduced here are ideal for men who prefer a rough, masculine coordination of a T-shirt and jeans or chinos, but still want to maintain a mature look. The T-shirts are available in four colors inspired by the various regions of California.

California-grown cotton with an elegant face ” PERSEUS”!

The “PERSEUS” T-shirts introduced here are luxuriously made from extremely precious and soft raw cotton grown in the melted snow of San Joaquin, California. The all-rounder texture that can be worn with everything from jeans to elegant slacks is appealing.

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100% refined cotton fabric finished with a time-consuming process that gives it the fluffy texture of California cotton!

The process of making yarn employs a special method that takes a lot of time and effort so that the fluffy texture of the raw cotton can be felt as it is. The yarn is then made into 50/2 silo twisted yarn with less fluff and increased strength, and finished with a jersey knit. The result is a durable American cotton fabric with an added touch of elegance.

Just right for adult casual wear! A “little bit sporty” silhouette

PERSEUS” is made with a silhouette that easily fits the casual style of adults in mind. The silhouette of the waist is designed so that it falls down without tightening the waistband, and the hem has a slightly sporty impression with a 4cm slit. At the same time, the sleeves are retrofitted and the pitch of the stitches is set to a fine pitch width, and the sewing specifications are designed to look elegant, maintaining a mature and elegant look. The perfect balance between the California-style relaxed atmosphere of the fabric and the taste for elegance is a must-see.

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The neck part is made of the same raw material with a mesh switch for a sophisticated look!

The neck is made of a milled fabric with excellent elasticity. The use of the same California cotton material creates a sophisticated impression. The elegant neck width is not too thick.

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Four color variations inspired by each area of California!

PERSEUS” is available in four colors. White, which reflects the dazzling sunlight of Long Beach ;navy, which evokes the image of Venice Beach at sunset ;black, with an urban sheen, which evokes the downtown area with its concentration of high-rise buildings and art ; andbeige, which seems to fit in easily in Orange County, where organic culture is strong. All of these colors evoke a California atmosphere, but they are all well within the standard color range, making it easy to coordinate them with other items.

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For an adult celebrity black T-shirt that brings together a sweatpants coordinate in a classy way

The trendy sweatpants are worn with a black T-shirt to tie it all together. The slightly sporty silhouette with a slit, but keeping a moderate elegance, “PERSEUS” fits well.

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A fearless navy T-shirt with a relaxed, seasonal mood!

The relaxed silhouette with a slightly sloping shoulder gives the navy T-shirt, which creates a fearless impression, a relaxed and liberated mood. With this navy T-shirt, which has a slight reddish tint, the tone-on-tone look is finished with a different impression.

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