The Big T-Shirt of the Season is Here! Why and how you can look both classy and tough just by wearing it!


The Big T-Shirt of the Season is Here! Why and how you can look both classy and tough just by wearing it!

Over the past few years, oversized clothing has transformed from a trend to a standard style. In particular, big silhouette T-shirts are available in a wide variety of designs from fast fashion brands to maison brands. However, there are a few “items that can be used in real life” that are right in the strike zone if you are particular about your choice, such as “the material is not good even if the atmosphere is good,” “the strange design makes it look childish,” or “I don’t want to pay more than 10,000 yen for a T-shirt I will use everyday. There are few “items that can be used in real life. In this issue, we introduce the latest big T-shirts that we highly recommend to those who are particular about their choices!

Evans,” a new kind of big T-shirt that can be worn rough or elegant

The wide width of the body gives it a rough atmosphere, but without giving the impression of being lazy. Evans” by GENTLEMAN PROJECTS is a big T-shirt that has the potential to be worn in both rough and elegant ways. The silhouette is adjusted millimeter by millimeter based on discussions with a long-established Japanese fabric manufacturer that provides fabrics for maison brands, as well as research on global trend trends and vintage items. The gem was created after repeated sample creation, checking details such as sewing specifications, the slope of the shoulder line, and the difference in silhouette depending on the texture of the fabric, not to mention the balance of the body width and length, to achieve a collar that seems to adhere to the neck.

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The ” Evans ” is designed to be slightly oversized, so you can wear it classy!

Oversize” can be defined in a single word, but there are a variety of sizes. Evans” is easy to wear because the silhouette has been adjusted to make the orthodox “LEO III” T-shirt, which is the brand’s standard item, look slightly oversized. To use an analogy, it looks as if the shoulder width has been increased in size without changing the length of the garment. You can enjoy a different kind of coordination than simply wearing a size larger.

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Easy to wear, tough, and elegant! Made of special 100% cotton fabric with VORTEX yarn and bio treatment!

Evans’ jersey-knit cut-and-sew fabric is made of VORTEX yarn, a yarn produced by a special machine that uses the swirling current of air to produce the least amount of fluff. When made into fabrics, VORTEX yarns have an elegant texture, are resistant to pilling, and have a tough finish. While using 100% VORTEX yarn, we have added a “bio-processing” process that removes excess fluff to create a softer texture. The fabric is packed with ingenuity to achieve a more elegant and comfortable fit. The more it is washed, the more it adapts to the body, and the more you can enjoy the changes in texture and expression.

The moderate thickness makes it difficult to see through to the skin, and its excellent water absorbency makes it ideal for wearing alone in midsummer. You can enjoy stylish coordination while maintaining a comfortable fit.

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Evans” comes in a variety of basic colors!

In addition to white, black and navy are also available. We will introduce the charm of this item along with some examples of notable outfits!

This navy T-shirt is a cool casual style that will make you look cool!

While white is clean and clean-cut, navy is a chic coloring that gives a cool, intelligent, and intrepid impression. It also looks cool when worn with gray sweatshorts for rough styling. The moderate oversized size and the tough texture of the fabric give the coordination a lighthearted atmosphere with a mature elegance.

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This urban black T-shirt is both classy and sporty!

A chic black T-shirt and ankle-length sideline pants complete this elegant yet sporty look. The oversized T-shirt and tapered pants create an exquisite V-line that gives a sophisticated impression.

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Only at GENTLEMAN PROJECTS official store can you buy our special big T-shirt ” Evans “!

The “Evans” big T-shirt is available exclusively at the official GENTLEMAN PROJECTS store. Other items in the collection include “LEO III,” the latest version of the classic T-shirt, “LIBRA MILANO,” an arrangement of slacks that can be used on and off the job, and “GARY,” a dignified BIG hoodie, so please take this opportunity to check out the wide range of items available.

GENTLEMAN PROJECTS Official Store is here!

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