What are the best products that fulfill the three requirements that cannot be missed when choosing a ” white T-shirt ” for adults?


What are the best products that fulfill the three requirements that cannot be missed when choosing a " white T-shirt " for adults?

Plain white T-shirts” are simple, but the difference in quality really shows. Reasonably priced T-shirts that can be worn casually in everyday life are fine, but mature men want to own a “special one” that will be useful on special occasions or when they feel like being more fashionable than usual. In this issue, we will introduce recommended models of white T-shirts along with the three essential conditions for choosing such a T-shirt!

Conditions for a must-have T-shirt (1)Made of high quality fabric

The most obvious difference in the quality of a T-shirt is the fabric. If you choose a T-shirt that has a melt-in-your-mouth luster, is smooth to the touch, and has the right thickness so that your skin does not show through even when worn alone, you will easily be able to elevate your coordination. The “Diorama” fabric is made from the finest Indian super-long staple cotton, carefully selected from among the finest cotton from around the world, and knitted smooth with a delicate 60 count single yarn, giving it an easily recognizable luxurious presence.

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The fabric is shiny and has a moderate thickness that is not transparent even when worn alone.

While maintaining the original soft texture of the material, the luster is enhanced by the Eco Sil process, an eco-friendly process that does not involve the discharge of large amounts of waste water. While the fabric has a delicate look with a gentle luxurious feel that makes you want to wear it everyday, it is also moderately thick, so you do not have to worry about your skin becoming transparent even when wearing it alone.

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Requirements for the essential T-shirt (2)Silhouette that fits not only casual wear but also dress items

To achieve a classy, mature look, choose a T-shirt with a silhouette that fits dress items such as tailored jackets and slacks. For example, a T-shirt that can be worn with a tailored jacket. For example, to match a tailored jacket, a T-shirt with a ” crew neck” that “hugs the neck” and a “shaped waistline that fits the jacket style ” would be a good choice.

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Note the size balance that looks great tucked in with slacks!

If you want to wear it with slacks, you can tuck it in for an elegant look, but a T-shirt with “a length that’s short enough to be worn tucked out without feeling uncomfortable ” will give you a wider range of options for your outfit. Another appeal of this T-shirt is that it can show off the pleated decorations that are common on pants with a roomy waist, which have recently become popular.

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Conditions for a true T-shirt (3)Three-dimensional tailoring along curved parts

It is also important to choose a T-shirt that is produced with attention to the cutting and sewing specifications of each part, placing importance on a three-dimensional appearance when worn. In particular, it is the shoulder area that makes a big difference in appearance. Choose a T-shirt that has the essential elements for both appearance and comfort, such as shifting the shoulder line back to make the bulge caused by the thickness of the seam allowance escape to an inconspicuous place, setting the sleeve pile higher to make the sleeves fit better, and sewing the sleeves afterwards to increase the range of motion.

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Pay attention to specifications that increase the durability of T-shirts!

Because T-shirts are items that are worn on a daily basis, durability is also important. T-shirts with “octopus binder” binding that extends to the tips of the shoulders are said to be less prone to sagging.

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