Imma recommend sweatshirt parkas in different colors!


Imma recommend sweatshirt parkas in different colors!

Which brand and what color do you recommend to buy a hoodie from Imma? In this article, we’ll introduce you to recommended sweatshirt hoodies from popular brands by color!

Gray” is the royal color of hoodies that can be used all year round!

Gray is the most popular color for hoodies and other sweatshirts. There are a variety of color options, from wooden gray to charcoal and dark gray, and they all boast a high level of versatility that makes them easy to blend in with all kinds of coordinates. Incidentally, since the fabric of the mokuro-gray sweatshirt is knitted by mixing raw materials of various colors, the texture may feel a little softer than other colors of the same model. If you prefer a softer texture, it may be fun to choose only the mokuro-gray.

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Gray Hoodie Recommendation 1: “champion 12oz Reverse Weave

The brand that is the creator of the reverse weave manufacturing method and has established the position of the King of Sweatshirts is ” champion. It is just a brand that takes the royal road like Levi’s in jeans, and there are many archives whose prices are soaring as vintage as well as the current products are popular. The sweatshirts range from eco-friendly models made from recycled fabrics to special “True to Archives” sweatshirts that faithfully reproduce the specifications of valuable archives. This time, we picked up the steel-plated reverse weave series. Reverse weave is characterized by an arrangement in which the grain of the fabric is changed horizontally to eliminate vertical shrinkage. Another design point is that the narrower rib knitting is switched to prevent the body width from shrinking and making the garment uncomfortable to wear. Other details, such as the tag design and ribbing, have been changed over the years.

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Gray Hoodie Recommendation②”New Balance 1000 Sweatshirt Pullover Hoodie

Because of its sportswear origins, the hoodies developed by major sportswear manufacturers are not to be overlooked. First, we focus on New Balance, which until now has had a strong image of being mainly involved in sportswear. In fact, over the past few years, the company has been expanding its casual wear variations considerably. The most popular collection is the “1000 SERIES” collection, which is inspired by the “1000 SERIES” shoes, one of the most popular New Balance shoes, and is a collection of sweatshirts, one of the synonyms of American culture, made of materials, yarns, patterns, and other details. The collection expresses a neo-classic style by hybridizing heritage designs with athletic mobility, such as the use of thick 13 oz. material, split raglan sleeves, side rib panels integrated with underarm gussets, action ribs on the back, and the use of flat seaming and three-needle stitching. The subtle “N” stitching on the back yoke is also charming.

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Gray Hoodie Recommended ③ “THE NORTH FACE Tech Air Sweat Wide Hoodie

The popularity of clothing developed by outdoor brands continues to gain momentum. In particular, many of you may have noticed an increase in the number of opportunities to see North Face hoodies on the streets. The brand’s gear-like products are designed with functionality in mind, yet are affordable, making them a popular choice for men and women of all ages and genders. The model below, which gives off a clean impression, is a lightweight sweatshirt parka made of a special three-layer fabric that combines heat retention and breathability. The three-dimensional pattern and slightly roomy silhouette make this sweatshirt ideal for a wide range of activities, from training to town use.

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Gray Hoodie Recommended ④ “NIKE BIG SWOOSH PO HOODIE

NIKE (Nike)” is a major sports manufacturer that continues to gain unwavering popularity. The model here with the iconic swoosh boldly printed on the back is the popular BIG SWOOSH series. The front has a sophisticated design with only a small brand logo printed on the chest portion, making it easy to match with all kinds of coordinates. You will want to wear it with clean Air Force 1 or Air Jordans.

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Gray Hoodie Recommendation 5: “GENTLEMAN PROJECTS GARY

GENTLEMAN PROJECTS” has gained popularity by offering modern basic wear at affordable prices, focusing on the quality of products such as “fabrics,” “silhouettes,” and “specifications. GENTLEMAN PROJECTS has the best technology in the industry, and is engaged in product development by developing fabric makers and sewing factories that share the style they wish to achieve. This BIG Hoodie “GARY” is made of high quality sweatshirt fabric with a yarn blended from selected cotton from all over the world and knitted into a pile back with a degree of filling to achieve a strong firmness. In addition, a special eco-friendly “silken finish” that does not discharge large amounts of waste water is applied to maintain the soft texture and improve the elegant luster of the fabric. The sweatshirt hoodie is tough enough to retain its texture for a long time even after repeated washing.

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