45 of the most popular men’s hairstyles ” belly short “!


45 of the most popular men's hairstyles " belly short "!

Belly-short hair is a classic men’s hairstyle that gives the impression of freshness, dignity, and cleanliness. On the other hand, it is difficult to create a stylish atmosphere because of the short length of hair that is left, but if done right, it is a style that will win you both good impressions and fashionable looks. In this issue, we focus on “seasonal belly-short hair” that adds a stylish nuance to the classic look, and pick up the hottest hairstyles and recommended styling products!

How long is belly short in men’s hairstyles?

Everyone can imagine that the term “belly short” means “quite short,” but many people may have a vague idea of how long it actually is. To sum up, it is not clearly defined, but many salons call the style belly-short when the sides and collar are cut to a few mm in length and the length of the bangs is at least 2 cm above the eyebrows. In other words, the “fashionable bouz” style, which leaves some length to the bouz style, and the “Mohawk” style, which is a standard men’s hair style, are classified as belly-short. Also, although it is easy to think that the shorter the cut is, the less arrangeable the hairstyle is, it is possible to design a hairstyle with the popular men’s two-block style, the recently trendy fade cut, or lines, so there is a surprisingly wide variety of styles.

Find men’s belly short hairstyles

There are three main reasons why men should have belly short hair!

The merits of belly-short hair go beyond simply appealing to men’s masculinity; there are several other excellent points as well. Here are three major reasons why we recommend belly-short hair for men.

Find men’s belly-short hairstyles

Reasons why belly-short hair is recommended for men: 1) “It corrects the shape of the head and gives it a beautiful silhouette.

Those who are concerned about the shape of their head often wear longer hairstyles to hide the complex, but in fact, it is possible to improve the shape of the head with belly-short hair. For example, with belly-short hair that is short around the ears and collar and leaves some length at the top, it is easy to create a diamond-shaped silhouette that is said to be well-balanced, thus covering up the side beak and precipice. In addition, the overall volume of the hair can be reduced by cutting it belly-short, so there is no need to worry about looking like a big-headed person.

Reason #2: “Styling is easier than anything else!

It is not hard to imagine that belly-short hair does not need to be difficult to style because there is less and shorter hair to deal with. It only takes about 10 minutes to get a good haircut, including the drying process, which is perfect for those who want to take it easy when styling their hair. It is also highly recommended in terms of economic burden, as it reduces the amount of styling products used.

Reason #3: “It’s a great way to show off your cleanliness!

When judging whether or not a person pays attention to his or her appearance, the hairstyle is just as important as the clothes. A clean hairstyle is likely to make a good impression regardless of the generation or the occasion. In particular, a hairstyle with a very short hairline that gives a clean look around the face is sure to be popular with all people because it gives an outstandingly clean impression. Too short hair can often give the impression of being too aggressive, but it is nice to know that this is not the case with hair as short as belly-short.


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