Special feature on leather shoes for casual coordination! From how to choose to recommendations!


Special feature on leather shoes for casual coordination! From how to choose to recommendations!

There are many leather shoes with designs, specifications, and colorings that match casual styles as well as dress styles such as suits/jackets. Just by choosing leather shoes for your feet, your coordination will naturally look tighter. In this issue, we focus on “leather shoes that go well with casual coordination,” and pick up the index of how to choose and recommended items!

How to choose leather shoes for casual style?

Toe design ” 1.

One of the indicators to distinguish the occasion is the toe design. The most formal type of shoe is the “straight tip (also known as cap toe)” with a single line (double stitching).

Basically, the more decorative the toe is, the more casual it is. Straight-tip “punched cap toes” with perforations (large and small holes) and “semi-brogues” with medallions are suitable for both business and casual use.

Wingtips” with a W-shaped toe and decorations such as medallions and perforations are country-derived leather shoes. They are the most casual design.

Index 2 “Feather style” of leather shoes suitable for casual style

The “uchibane” style, which has a flattened cuff around the lacing hole, originates from indoor shoes worn by royalty and other royal families. In Japan, people are not so conscious of it, but basically, it is a manner of wearing leather shoes with an inside sole for weddings and funerals.

Shoes with the dovecote covering the shoe from the outside are called “gaitane-shiki. This style, also called “derby” or “blucher,” originated from shoes worn on the battlefield or when riding a horse. Many people choose the outside shuttlecock style for active business situations. In casual situations, the outside shuttlecock style is easier to coordinate with than the inside shuttlecock style.

Color ” 3.

The only color of leather shoes that can be used for formal occasions is ” black. In recent years, there have been cases where brown shoes are worn with dark suits in business situations, but basically, leather shoes other than black are for casual use. Black inner-feet straight tips are the most prestigious leather shoes that can be used from formal to business.

Although there are no absolute rules for casual fashion, it is indeed difficult to match a black inner-feathered straight tip with a holiday outfit. However, brown straight tips with an inner-elliptic sole can be worn naturally with jackets and other casual outfits.

Of course, this does not mean that you should not wear black leather shoes for casual wear. The outer-blade shoes with broguing (decoration) are more suitable for casual coordination than for business coordination.

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