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Featured men’s coordinates and recommended models of plain-toe leather shoes!


Featured men's coordinates and recommended models of plain-toe leather shoes!

A simple plain-toe leather shoe with no decoration on the toe or instep. They are highly versatile due to their basic and sophisticated design, and are useful as leather shoes that can be used in a wide range of situations, from business use to casual styles. In this issue, we focus on “plain toe shoes” and introduce styling points, notable international men’s coordination, and recommended items from standard brands!

How to style plain toe leather shoes?

The plain toe is a simple leather shoe design with no decoration at all on the toe or instep. Originating from laced-up shoes for infantrymen, they became a staple of American traditional footwear in the 1960s when businessmen from Ivy backgrounds started wearing them with their suits. At the time, Japanese suit styles were strongly influenced by the U.S., and the plain toe became the representative of Japanese business shoes. The simple design of the plain toe shoe is an excellent item that broadens the range of coordination, as it goes well with not only business but also casual styles.

While various brands offer a variety of plain-toe shoes, the derby plain-toe shoe is particularly popular. Many of them have a chunky appearance that makes the foot look wider, and they are useful when you want to create a balanced look that is not as heavy as boots and not too light as loafers.

When coordinating plain toe shoes with such distinctive features, we recommend wearing them with no-cushion length bottoms. In fact, many of the fashionable dress fashionistas who attend Pitti Uomo, the world’s leading fashion trade show held in Italy, wear plain-toe leather shoes with ankle-length or cropped pants for a light and comfortable look.

Editor Tachibana
The classic plain-toe leather shoe is probably the Church’s Shannon or Alden’s 990. Most models combine a heavy sole with a double leather sole or a dynamite sole with a sense of presence that protrudes from the flange. I personally think that the unique sense of weight created by the combination of this sole and the plump plain toe is one of the attractions that sets them apart from sneakers and loafers.

Plain Toe Leather Shoe Wearing Points (1)Great match! Set Plain Toe for Jacket Wear

Plain toe shoes are recognized as a standard shoe for American traditional and business shoes. For a tied-up suit style, a straight-tip shoe with an inside sole is the best solution, but for a more casual jacket style, a plain-toe shoe with an outside sole is a perfect match.

Tips for wearing plain-toe leather shoes (2)Choose brown if you want to create a sophisticated look

If you want to give a sophisticated and glamorous impression to your outfits, brown plain-toe shoes are a good choice. Light-toned brown shoes go well with styles that incorporate lots of playful earth tones and coordinate well with western-style belts. On the other hand, for a stoic and sophisticated look, dark-toned or black plain-toe shoes are recommended.

Tips for wearing plain toe leather shoes (3)Master the barefoot style for a light impression

When wearing short length bottoms, it is the technique of Italian dapper men to let their bare feet peek out to create a sense of discretion. Of course, this is not suitable for formal styling or business suits, but it is effective for casual wear and completes a smart look with a high sense of fashion.

Editor Tachibana
In other countries, there is a culture of wearing leather shoes with bare feet, but to be honest, I think most people in Japan are not comfortable with this. What I recommend is to wear barefoot-like shoes with foot covers that look like barefoot shoes. I always wear FALKE socks with my leather shoes. I like the fact that the socks are not easily exposed even when wearing leather shoes with shallow gouges at the mouth.


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OTOKOMAE editorial department recommends!

Finally, the OTOKOMAE editorial department introduces “plain toe leather shoes” that we recommend to our readers based on the information we have gathered from exhibitions of hot brands, interviews at leading select stores, and fixed-point observations in major fashion cities!

Recommended models of brands offering plain toes (1)RED WING's 'POSTMAN OXFORD #101'

Launched in 1954 by RED WING for its postmen and policemen, the shoes have a good grip and are well cushioned. In 1960, the design of the upper of the #101 was improved, and it became a sleek design with a luxurious use of a single piece of leather, and this minor change further enhanced the reputation of the #101, The #101 was used by postmen all over the United States. Red Wing called short shoes “Oxfords,” and adopted the name “blucher” for the outer sole, instead of “derby.

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Recommended models of brands offering plain toes (2)REGAL's '2236NA'

REGAL’s popular plain toe ” 2236NA”. The instep is made of grain leather to prevent scratches from showing. The stately form of this pair gives them a strong presence.

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Recommended models of brands offering the plain toe (3)ALDEN's 990 PLANE TOE CORDOVAN

The American shoe manufacturer “ALDEN” has revolutionized shoe design by pioneering the field of orthopedic shoes while making traditional shoes. The “Alden” plain toe is one of the most popular shoe manufacturers in the U.S., which has revolutionized shoe design while making traditional shoes. The 990 wooden pattern, the brand’s staple, is a masterpiece that gives a fearless impression to the feet. The cordovan that emits a high-quality shine and the silhouette that is typical of muscular American shoes will elevate your coordination from the feet up.

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Recommended models of brands offering plain toes (4)Church's 'SHANNON'

One of the representative models of “Church’s (Church’s)” known as a long-established English shoe brand. One of the representative models of “Church’s (Church)” known as a long-established English shoe brand. The model name is derived from the name of a town in western Ireland. It is a leather shoe with an external plain toe and is characterized by a rounded, voluminous toe with the last “#103”. The upper is made of “Polished Binder Calf,” an original material with strong water repellency, in pursuit of durability and water resistance. In addition to the presence of the upper, the double leather sole and storm welt provide an excellent sense of heft to the foundation. This is a masterpiece model that combines elegance and sporty elements, and can be called a hybrid of country and dress shoes. The eye stays are hand-stitched.

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Recommended models of brands offering plain toes (5)JALAN SRIWIJAYA's 'Tokio'

An orthodox JALAN SRIWIJAYA’s standard external-blade plain-toe shoes “TOKIO” with a neat form and orthodox design. The last is characterized by a well-balanced and naturally rounded egg toe using “EDWARD,” and the sole circumference with a massive impression using a storm welt and a dynamite sole creates a foot with a sense of presence.

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Recommended model 6 of the brand that develops plain toes

Using a round type last that is finished with a casual taste by suppressing the thickness of the toe and giving a room in the width, The sole of the Berwick1707 plain toe “4406ROVIBK” uses an innovative sole material with both strength and cushioning made by Vibram. Because it is made of foamed rubber, it is about 1/2 lighter than the same volume of rubber material.

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Recommended models of brands offering plain toes (7)YANKO's 'Outside Plain Toe'

The 3-eyelet plain toe from the leading Spanish men’s shoe brand, YANKO. Based on the standard last “777-10,” which features a stylish form with a long nose and chisel toe, the new last “961” is used, which has more room in the width and instep, as well as a slight toe spring and inward swing.

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