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Parasol: Surprising Advantages of Using a Parasol for Men & 6 Cool Recommended Models


Parasol: Surprising Advantages of Using a Parasol for Men & 6 Cool Recommended Models

One item that has become popular among men, especially among beauty-conscious men in 2025, is the parasol. “A parasol for a man? How is that possible? You may be left behind by the times if you are thinking, “How can a man have a parasol? In this issue, we will introduce some of the unexpected benefits of parasols, as well as some recommended parasols.

Advantages of parasols (1)Protect your skin, scalp, and hair from ultraviolet rays

Wearing a parasol prevents direct sunlight from hitting your face, neck, and other parts of your body that are prone to sunburn. The face and neck are particularly vulnerable to skin deterioration due to aging, so they are also highly beneficial from an anti-aging perspective. Direct sun exposure to the hair can also damage it, causing it to dry out and hindering the desired look of a good hairdo. The scalp, which is often forgotten, can also become dry due to direct sunlight, resulting indirectly, but not directly, in a tendency toward thinning hair. The ability to take care of this area is another advantage of parasols.

Advantages of parasols (2)Lower body temperature

Mr. S, who actually uses a parasol in the editorial office, says, “I don’t mind the sunburn at all, but I feel cooler when I wear a parasol. I am a hot-weather person, so I actually feel the most benefit.” He told us, “I don’t mind the sun at all, but I feel cooler when I use a parasol. It is not only the direct sunlight that pours down from overhead, but also the shadow cast by the ground, which prevents the reflection of the sun’s rays, and it seems to have the effect of lowering one’s body temperature more than expected.

Advantages of parasols (3)Sunny-rain type can cope with sudden rain

You forgot to look at the weather forecast or were hit by an unexpected guerrilla downpour even though the forecast did not call for rain. In such a case, you may not have a folding umbrella with you… Have you ever had such an experience? In fact, there is a type of parasol that can be used in both sunny and rainy weather, and if you make it a habit to carry such a parasol, you can rest assured that you will be safe even when it suddenly starts to rain.

What you need to know about parasols

The word “umbrella” today often refers to a rain umbrella, but it is important to know that umbrellas in the West actually originated as parasols. The English word umbrella (Umbrella) is said to come from the Latin word umbrra, meaning “shadow,” and the French word parasol (Parasol) means something that protects from the sun.

The following is a selection of parasols recommended by the author.

Parasols recommended for men (1)Wpc. IZA (IZA) Type:LIGHT & SLIM

“Wpc.” is a Japanese umbrella brand launched in 2004 by World Party, Inc. under the concept of “creating new possibilities. We picked up the Light & Slim (ZA007) from IZA, the brand’s umbrella series for men that can be used in both sunny and rainy weather. Weighing only 190g and measuring only 5cm in width when stored, it is the lightest and slimmest umbrella in the series’ history, making it ideal for men who want to reduce the amount of luggage they carry. In addition, it is approximately 90 cm in diameter when open, making it large enough to cover even a man. It also comes with a carabiner so it can be attached to a bag. The easy-open design allows for smooth opening and closing with a single action. The parasol has a 100% light shielding rate and UV cut rate, UPF50+, and has excellent heat shielding properties, making it perfect for use as a parasol. In addition, the multi-layered polyurethane coating applied to the back of the parasol provides a water pressure resistance of over 10,000 mm. The highest grade of water repellency makes it easy for raindrops to roll off the surface like a ball of water, so it can be used on rainy days with peace of mind.

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Recommended parasols for men (2)Wpc. IZA (IZA) Automatic & Safe

From the IZA series similar to the one introduced in the first article, the automatic opening and closing type Automatic & Safe (ZA013) I picked up the Automatic & Safe (ZA013). It uses the AUTO SAFETY CLOSURE system, which allows one-touch opening and closing of the umbrella, making it very convenient on days when there is a lot of luggage or when traveling in a vehicle. In addition, the unique structure of this umbrella allows the shaft to be retracted step by step without being pushed back, thus ensuring safe use. The specifications as a parasol and as a rain umbrella are the same as the LIGHT&SLIM type. The weight is slightly heavier than LIGHT&SLIM at 290g due to the safety automatic open/close system, but the length of the parent bone is 54cm, about 1cm shorter than the LIGHT&SLIM.

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Recommended Umbrellas for Men (3)Waterfront 16-Bone Folding Umbrella for Rain or Shine 16RIB Folding Umbrella

“Waterfront” is an original umbrella brand with the largest market share in Japan, developed by a Western umbrella manufacturer established in the mid 1980s that manufactures umbrellas through integrated processing and production. Many people own Waterfront umbrellas, and many of you may know the brand because of its flagship store near Jiyugaoka Station in Tokyo. The 16-bone 16RIB Folding Umbrella is a sturdy umbrella with a multi-bone structure that has 16 bones, twice as many as the 5 to 8 bones of a normal folding umbrella. The umbrella also has an attractive Japanese umbrella-like appearance when opened. The umbrella is a large size for a folding umbrella, at 100 cm. Although it is primarily a rain umbrella, it can be used as a parasol on sunny days as well, as it has a UV cutoff rate of 90%. Although it is not an automatic open/close type, it uses a no-hajiki system, which means that there is no need to open and close each bone one by one. The umbrella weighs about 350g due to its large size and many bones.

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Recommended parasols for men (4)Waterfront banker's parasol

Pick up a parasol with an interesting concept from ” Waterfront,” the original brand with the largest share of the umbrella market in Japan. The concept is ” a parasol for bank employees fighting the summer sun. The surface of the umbrella is made of a double-layered silver-coated fabric with a high heat-shielding effect, and the black backside absorbs the reflected heat. The UV blocking rate is over 99% and the light shielding rate is also high. Although the umbrella is large (102 cm in diameter when open), it weighs only 290 g. It can also be used in both sunny and rainy conditions. Another advantage is that it can be used in both sunny and rainy weather.

Find a banker’s parasol

Recommended parasols for men (5)Knirps T.220

Knirps is a German manufacturer founded in 1928. It is known for having introduced the world’s first folding umbrella, and in Europe, folding umbrella and Knirps are synonymous with each other, and are positioned as synonymous in the same category. We picked up the T.220, an automatic open/close model from this brand. “Rain or Shine. Rain or Shine. The T.220 is part of the “Rain or Shine” concept series and is designed for both rain and shine. Equipped with an automatic opening and closing function and a safety system, the T.220RS umbrella frame, a symbol of Knilps’ technology and quality, supports a fabric that shields against heat, light, and ultraviolet rays.

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Recommended parasols for men ⑥THE NORTH FACE Module Umbrella -UV CARE-

From the popular outdoor brand THE NORTH FACE, we picked up a folding umbrella for both sunny and rainy weather. The body is made of aluminum and FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic) material for both strength and lightness. The seven-strong frame is wind-resistant, another merit of this umbrella. The bottom of the shaft handle has a pocket structure that can be opened and closed, allowing the umbrella to be used for storing umbrella bags or hanging in places where there are no hooks. As an extension of the brand’s unique image, we hope you will match it with your sporty-inspired coordination.

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