Socks for Men! 10 Editor’s Picks for Adults


Socks for Men! 10 Editor's Picks for Adults

Many people don’t pay much attention to their socks when coordinating their outfits. If you suddenly see a pair of socks that are clearly out of place at the hem of your pants, no matter how sophisticated your outfit is, it will be ruined. In this issue, we introduce socks recommended for adults that subtly distinguish themselves from those around them in terms of design and functionality!

Classy socks for adults! This is the one to match your dress style!

Offering the supreme comfort that made Prince Charles a prisoner of war! corgi ribbed socks “.

Corgi is a long-established knitwear brand from Wales. It is also known as a talented brand that has received a Royal Warrant from Prince Charles. The greatest feature of Corgi’s socks is the comfort that gently wraps the feet. Although some of the manufacturing process is done by machine, it is basically handmade, and especially the toe part is linked by hand by craftsmen. The supreme comfort that made even Prince Charles a prisoner of war, why don’t you try them yourself?

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Famous knitwear brand also has excellent socks! JOHN SMEDLEY Rib Socks OMEGA

JOHN SMEDLEY is a well-known British prestigious knitwear brand. Sweaters, cardigans, and other clothing items tend to attract attention, but the brand is also proud of its excellent quality socks. For example, these ribbed socks are made of the highest quality New Zealand merino wool, which wraps the feet in a luxuriously soft texture. Another appeal of these socks is that the wool is dyed at the raw material stage, giving them a deep coloring.

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