What is G-SHOCK’s high-end line ” MT-G “? Explanation of the appeal created by the fusion of metal and resin!


What is G-SHOCK's high-end line " MT-G "? Explanation of the appeal created by the fusion of metal and resin!

MT-G” is G-SHOCK’s high-end line of watches that fuses the brand’s iconic resin parts with stylish metal. In this issue, we dissect the features and appeal of MT-G and introduce everything from the standard models to the latest models!

An in-depth look at the features and appeal of G-SHOCK’s ” MT-G!

G-SHOCK’s ” MT-G ” was introduced in 1999. The series name “MT” stands for “Metal Twisted,” and its concept of “fusion of metal and resin” drew a great deal of attention. The series was renewed in 2013, the 30th anniversary year of the series. Five years later, in 2018, a new structure was established, and the series continues to evolve in pursuit of the latest technology. What are the features and appeal of such “MT-G” watches?

Dual Core Guard Structure

The “Core Guard Structure” originally developed by Casio for the MT-G has greatly improved durability over previous models. This is achieved by integrating the bezel and back cover with pipes, and adopting a lightweight and shock-resistant carbon material for the inner case that houses the movement. In 2020, the “Dual Core Guard Structure,” a further evolution of this structure, was born.

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The “Dual Core Guard Structure” is a double-layered structure that sandwiches a carbon monocoque inner case with a stainless steel bezel and middle case, further increasing shock resistance. The one-piece molding contributes to increased rigidity while at the same time reducing size and weight. The stainless steel back cover is formed into a complex three-dimensional shape through several processes of pressing, cutting, and polishing, which is another detail that cannot be overlooked. This is interlocked with the top bezel and connected with a specially shaped screw to create a thin and lightweight exterior with a sense of metal mass and exquisite formative beauty. While the design has a luxurious feel that allows the wearer to enjoy the beautiful texture of the metal from both the front and sides, it is also lighter and more comfortable to wear than its appearance would suggest.

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Durable and lightweight combination material bracelet

“MT-G” bracelets, with the exception of some series, are made of fine resin with a hairline and polished finish that is highly durable. The “composite band” is a combination of parts made of fine resin with a hairline and polished finish for superior durability, except for some series. In addition to its low thermal conductivity and high strength, this bracelet is much lighter and more comfortable to wear than it looks due to the hollowed-out frames. The belt can be changed with a push of a button on either side of the lugs without using any tools, so it is easy to enjoy the arrangement.

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Luxury design for both on and offline use

By fusing resin parts and metal, the “MT-G” is lightweight and durable, yet has a luxurious feel that matches its elegant styling. The windshields of most series are made of scratch-resistant, highly transparent sapphire glass, with an anti-reflective coating on the inner surface to ensure clear visibility and a beautiful appearance. Some also feature LED lights on the dial and a super illuminator that is active in dark places. MT-G, which combines design and functionality, is recommended for those who are looking for a watch that can be used both on and off the job, not only for daily use but also to match with business style without discomfort.

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Equipped with convenient and highly functional technology

What makes the MT-G amazing is not only its design, durability, and light weight, but also its “Connected Engine,” which links to your smartphone via Bluetooth and connects to a time server. The “Connected Engine,” which links to a smartphone via Bluetooth and connects to a time server, enables the watch to receive standard radio waves and obtain accurate time information from around the world. In addition, various functions can be easily set by linking the watch to the dedicated “CASIO WATCHES” application on a smartphone. This reduces the time-setting time when traveling abroad or on business trips. The watch is powered by electric energy charged by the solar panel, so there is no need to worry about running out of battery power.

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Introducing the six G-SHOCK “MT-G” series!

We pick up six series from the ever-evolving ” MT-G ” lineup. The features of each series are explained, focusing on the design and specifications of each!

MTG-B3000D Series

This is a piece that expresses the complex shape of the metal exterior unique to MT-G in silver and black with the concept of light and shadow. The front screws, which expose the underlying stainless steel material by polishing and cutting the black IP coating film, are used to create an elaborate design. The hour and minute hands are two-tone color, which is achieved by anodizing and laser processing. The MT-G logo on the dial and the second hand are red in color, adding a subtle accent. The highly versatile coloring, which matches any style, is sure to be a timeless watch. The newly developed dual-core guard structure and shock-resistant thin module are also key features that make the watch durable, compact, and lightweight.

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G-SHOCK 'MT-G' (2)MTG-B3000 Series with newly designed thin structure

This revolutionary series features an innovative exterior design finished with a newly designed thin structure. The dual-core guard structure is further evolved through the use of a complexly shaped back cover born from an original design concept. The powerful and exquisite exterior design with interlocking heavy metal parts shines with IP-colored accent colors. Equipped with a thin module, it is also smaller, thinner, and lighter. This series combines stress-free wearability with high design quality. Only the ” MTG-B3000B ” with its mature black and gray coloring has a soft urethane band. The blue and purple gradation color model at the top of the gallery is a remarkable new color model released in May 2024.

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Carbon and fiberglass sheets, the bezel frame on the side of the watch is made of 235 laminated and machined sheets of carbon and fiberglass, resulting in a series that is approximately 77% lighter than models with stainless steel bezel frames. The design has also been enhanced by inserting vivid colors such as green and red into the sides of the bezel frame. In addition, a carbon sheet with a unique carbon weave pattern is layered around the sides at the 3, 6, 9, and 12 o’clock positions, or circled around the sides to enhance durability and create a stylish design. The rugged details, such as the chunky polygonal bezel and crown, are also points that tickle men’s fancy.

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G-SHOCK 'MT-G' 4Stylish 'MTG-B2000 Series' with metal-colored bezel

MT-G’s unique core guard structure and the latest reinforced carbon core guard structure are used to achieve durability and weight reduction at the same time. The polygonal colored bezel is IP coated for a fashionable look with a metallic shine. The metal parts are rough polished to a beautiful mirror surface without distortion. The rich contrast between the bezel and case and the texture of the metal parts give this series of watches a different look on the wrist.

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G-SHOCK 'MT-G' ⑤MTG-B1000XBD Series

The massive black exterior and the lightweight and durable carbon bezel. The unique weave of the carbon weave circles the sapphire glass windshield, creating a distinctive design. The sides of the bezel frame are accented with color to give the watch a three-dimensional appearance that varies depending on the position of the viewer. The edges of the metal parts are mirror-polished, and each surface has a hairline finish.

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G-SHOCK 'MT-G' ⑥The MTG-B1000D Series combines masculinity and sophistication

The first in the MT-G series to feature a middle size and a composite band for improved wearability. The “CoreGuard Structure” is lightweight and highly shock-resistant, and the metal exterior gives the watch a rich atmosphere. The entire metal parts are treated with wear-resistant IP, and red accents are added to the easy-to-match silver base. The dial is a stately black, combining masculinity and urban sophistication.

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