G-SHOCK’s “Full Metal” is simply cool! Introducing the series’ features and recommended models.


G-SHOCK's "Full Metal" is simply cool! Introducing the series' features and recommended models.

G-SHOCK is symbolized by casual designs made of resin material, but did you know that G-SHOCK also offers a rich lineup of high-end full-metal series watches that even use metal material for the band?

The unique presence is irresistible!

The “Full Metal” was introduced at the timing of G-SHOCK’s 35th anniversary in 2018, when a number of outstanding new products were released. Based on the first generation G-Shock models, this collection was the first to be made in full metal, and drew attention as a “new G-Shock for adults”. The following is an in-depth look at the features of this full-metal series.

Features of G-SHOCK Full Metal (1)Shock-resistant structure newly developed for Full Metal

The main feature of Full Metal G-SHOCK is that the resin exterior that has been adopted for shock resistance up to now, and which symbolizes G-SHOCK, has been replaced by a hard, heavy full-metal exterior, The hard and heavy full-metal exterior has been replaced with a hard and heavy full-metal exterior. The model was originally inspired by the ” DREAM PROJECT ” concept model of the square G-SHOCK DW-5000 in solid gold, which was exhibited as a single piece for Baselworld, the world’s largest trade show for new watches and jewelry, in 2015. The model was the “DREAM PROJECT”. The model was made of solid gold, which is extremely fragile, and was a complete prototype, not for everyday use. However, it later became the talk of the town within the company because of its cool looks! This led to the development of a full metal model.

The “hollow structure” that is the basic structure of the G-Shock is a cushioning material between the module, which is the heart of the watch, and the case that encloses it, to disperse shock. However, metal is the opposite of resin in that it easily transmits and disperses shock. This is why G-Shock adopted the ” full-metal shockproof construction. The watch has the same hollow structure as conventional G-Shock watches, but for the full metal construction, a red fine resin cushioning material is sandwiched between the metal parts. This part is the key to ensuring shock resistance even for metal that is prone to shock transmission. Incidentally, this technology is quite complex, so it could not be formed without Casio’s G-Shock know-how. The back of the watch is equipped with an airtight screw back. Of course, the watch has passed the ” shock resistance test ” familiar to G-SHOCK.

The band connection is also a unique feature of the full metal series. Normal models have two lugs connecting the case to the band, which are attached to both ends of the case. On the other hand, the Full Metal series has three lugs at the connection to disperse the impact transmitted to the connecting pipe that joins the case and band. The screws used are also made of high-strength metal material.

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Features of G-SHOCK 'Full Metal' (2)The metal exterior of G-SHOCK is massive, luxurious, and dignified

G-SHOCK was an essential part of Japanese street fashion in the 1990s, and it is certainly an excellent design. However, its resin exterior gives it a casual feel, making it difficult to fit in with suits and other dress styles. On the other hand, G-SHOCK’s full-metal watches, which have both a casual and a stylish look, are easy to match. Stainless steel is used as the material, giving the watch an elegant appearance with a different atmosphere from resin. The material as well as the finish are carefully selected to maximize the appeal of the material, such as a satin finish that is partially matte, and a polished finish that is glossy.

The design of the G-Shock, however, is based on the G-Shock itself, which dominated the market in the past generation, and it is extremely difficult to express the original complex shape of the G-Shock in full metal, so the full metal appearance is achieved by repeating the process of beating and polishing the cut-out stainless steel base material in a metal mold many times. The design of the full metal collection is also an attractive feature of the G-Shock watches, as it reproduces the details that are typical of G-Shock. Metal watches themselves are not particularly rare, but the fact that G-Shock is now made of metal gives it new value.

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G-SHOCK 'Full Metal' features (3)Equipped with cutting-edge technology

If you design a model with a new look, the modules should also be up-to-date! With this in mind, we are also pleased to see that the most advanced technology has been incorporated into the watch. The Fullmetal series is equipped with Bluetooth functionality, which allows the user to download a dedicated application to a smartphone to automatically adjust the time and set the world time cities. The watch is also equipped with “Multi Band 6,” which receives and automatically corrects the time according to the standard radio waves of six stations around the world (two in Japan, one in China, one in the United States, one in the United Kingdom, and one in Germany). The watch is charged by a tough solar-powered battery, and the solar panel has been improved to enhance the visibility of the LCD. Some models are equipped with a high-intensity fully automatic LED backlight for better visibility in the dark, and other cutting-edge technology to tickle men’s fancy.

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Introducing recommended G-SHOCK “Full Metal” models!

Here we pick up recommended G-SHOCK “Full Metal” models. Analog and digital models, as well as detailed coloring and processing, vary from model to model. We hope you will find one that suits your taste and styling.

G-SHOCK 'Full Metal' Recommended Models 1GMW-B5000D-2JF

This new model was introduced in April 2024 with a fresh blue accent on the dial. The metallic blue vapor deposition on the glass surface matches the stainless steel bezel and band, creating a nice sense of unity in coloring. The stainless steel bezel has a three-dimensional form, the top surface has a hairline finish with a fine line pattern in a single direction, and the bevel is beautifully finished with mirror polishing.

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G-SHOCK 'Full Metal' Recommended Model 2GM-B2100AD-2AJF

The analog type 2100 series also has a collection with the same metallic blue effect. In contrast to the sporty ” GMW-B5000D-2JF,” the octagon-shaped case gives an elegant impression. The entire dial is blue, which also makes the watch stand out as an accent on the wrist. The indexes and hands are coated with neobrite, a luminous coating that absorbs light for a short time and glows in the dark for an extended period of time. The thicker indexes and hands are highly visible in bright locations.

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G-SHOCK 'Full Metal' Recommended Model 3GMW-B5000BPC-1JF / GMW-B5000PC-1JF

“Express your style and values freely. “, this model is decorated with a green and blue gradation. The case design is based on the square design of the first generation G-Shock ” DW-5000. This special design, a fusion of tradition and modern diversity, is a must-have for those who want to stand out from the crowd.

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G-SHOCK 'Full Metal' Recommended Model 4GM-B2100BPC-1AJF / GM-B2100PC-1AJF

To expand the possibilities of analog watches, a new model with G-SHOCK-like toughness Based on the standard model ” 2100,” this full metal watch comes in a variety of neon colors. The black model has a warm gradation of orange to yellow, while the silver model has a cool gradation of blue and violet on the hands and indexes. Both watches have black dials, giving them a pop design but also a calm look, making them easy to match with a variety of outfits.

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G-SHOCK 'Full Metal' Recommended Model 5GM-B2100GD-9AJF / GM-B2100BD-1AJF / GM-B2100D-1AJF

Unlike the above models with neon and metallic color accents, the Unlike the above models with neon and metallic color accents, the three full metal models are simple in design and easy to use for both daily and business use, regardless of the occasion. In addition to gold, which has a strong presence, the new models are available in rugged black and sophisticated silver. The matte texture is achieved by polishing so that the texture of the metal stands out. This model is also comfortable to wear.

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G-SHOCK 'Full Metal' Recommended ModelsGMW-B5000GD-1JF / GMW-B5000GD-9JF / GMW-B5000D-1JF / GMW-B5000MB-1JF

The entire case and band are covered with each The entire case and band are treated with IP (Ion Plating) in their respective colors to achieve beautiful colors, corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance. This IP treatment is a surface treatment technology in which ionized metal is deposited. This technology was originally used in the aerospace and aviation industries, but it is now also used in the exterior decoration of wristwatches because it can be colored as desired. In addition to elegant and luxurious black, gold reminiscent of the solid gold G-Shock from the DREAM PROJECT released at Baselworld 2015, and urban silver, the lineup includes a black model with a honed finish that creates a matte texture contrast. The sides of this model have a hairline finish, while the bevels, screws, and buttons on the band have a mirror finish. The band is a solid metal band that is not hollow but one solid mass. The band is made of solid metal that is not hollow but one solid mass, giving the watch a massive and masculine appearance.

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