Every piece is one-of-a-kind! What is the appeal of the new “space color” model of G-SHOCK’s “MT-G”?


Every piece is one-of-a-kind! What is the appeal of the new "space color" model of G-SHOCK's "MT-G"?

The “MT-G” has gained popularity for its innovative design that fuses G-Shock’s iconic resin material with metal materials. A new model with a design reminiscent of cosmic nebulae has been added to this collection.

G-SHOCK 'MT-G' latest modelMTG-B3000DN-1AJR

The latest model in the MT-G series is the “MTG-B3000DN-1AJR,” which was released in May 2024. -1AJR” released in May 2024. The design is based on the motif of a diffuse nebula (a mass of gas and cosmic dust) shining in the vastness of space, and the mysterious gradation of colors can be enjoyed in this model.

Editor Izumi
The G-Shock I usually wear are basic colors like black and navy, so before I saw the actual watch, I thought this gradation might be a bit gaudy…but when I actually tried it on, the impression was surprisingly calm. I think this is because MT-G has both a luxurious and elegant atmosphere. It would be good to accentuate a monotone coordinate of white T-shirt and black pants in the season when people will gradually start wearing lighter and lighter clothes, and a color-linked coordinate with blue and purple colors that pick up the color of the bezel would also be stylish.

Check out the ” MTG-B3000DN-1AJR “.

The stainless steel bezel has a blue and purple gradation IP coating, and the indexes and dial parts are also decorated with multi-colors that resemble nebulae.

Editor Izumi
This is a color that is hard to find among the many G-Shocks, not to mention other brands, and it is recommended for those who want to casually express their individuality with their watches. Moreover, the IP coating that expresses this gradation is unique and no two watches have exactly the same color. The value of this one-of-a-kind product, which enhances the sense of ownership, also strikes a chord with men, doesn’t it?

Check out the ” MTG-B3000DN-1AJR

The band, buckle, and other details are also space design!

The band, made of black soft urethane material, is mixed with various colors of lame material to represent countless stars floating in space. The stainless steel buckle parts are finished with the same blue and purple IP coating as the bezel. The consistent design story in these small details as well as the main part of the watch is a quintessential feature of this watch.

Check out the ” MTG-B3000DN-1AJR

Dual Core Guard Structure ” for a smaller and thinner size that fits in nicely

The newest MT-G series features the “Dual Core Guard Structure,” an evolution of the metal core guard structure used in previous models. By combining a lightweight and rigid carbon fiber-reinforced resin case, the “carbon monocoque case,” which seamlessly integrates the case and back cover, is surrounded by metal to create a dual structure that offers a beautiful textured design from the front and sides. This structure also makes it possible to realize a compact and thin design at the same time.

Check out the ” MTG-B3000DN-1AJR

Because it is a high-end line MT-G, it has a full range of functions!

In terms of functionality, the watch can be connected to Casio’s dedicated “CASIO WATCHES” application to acquire time information. The watch is also equipped with a wealth of practical functions, including “Multi Band 6,” which automatically corrects the time by receiving highly sensitive standard radio waves from six stations around the world, “Tough Solar,” which combines a solar panel that can generate power even under fluorescent light with a built-in rechargeable battery, and “High Luminosity LED Light,” which dramatically improves visibility in dark places. It is a high-spec watch.

Check out the ” MTG-B3000DN-1AJR

The “MTG-B3000DN-1AJR,” which is all one-of-a-kind, is recommended to be seen and purchased at a store!

As mentioned above, the ” MTG-B3000DN-1AJR ” has individual differences in IP coating, so the best part is that you can choose your favorite shade. First, check the details of the product on the official EC site, and then visit one of the directly-managed stores below to see for yourself and choose the one you like best.

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