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Introducing men’s royal brands of trench coats! Also explains how to choose and how to coordinate your look!


Introducing men's royal brands of trench coats! Also explains how to choose and how to coordinate your look!

The trench coat is the king of men’s outerwear with so many details that it would not be an exaggeration to say that it is a “mass of functional beauty. In this article, we will introduce the criteria for selecting such a trench coat, the key to dressing it up, and some of the most prestigious brands!

Criteria for choosing a trench coatThe most current style is a long length below the knee! Choose with or without details by preference of classic or mode

Trench coats are outerwear with a very wide range of length options, from short length like a jacket to long length. Each has its own characteristics and charms, but if you are choosing one now, the long length below the knee, which creates an elegant atmosphere, is recommended from a trend standpoint. Shorter lengths tend to give a youthful impression, so if you are aiming for a more mature image, choose a long length. In addition, many modernized trench coats have recently been made without military-derived trench coat details such as epaulettes and gun flaps. That is fine, but if you are looking for a classic trench coat, you should check these details carefully. On the other hand, if you are looking for a mode design, look for one with a design arrangement or modification. Beige is the overwhelming standard color, followed by navy and black. If you are looking for a color that is not associated with the trench coat, brown and khaki are good choices.

What to wear with a trench coatWhat do you recommend for color matching, innerwear selection, and bottom matching?

I. Coloring

As mentioned earlier, beige is the king of trench coats, and probably accounts for close to 70-80% of all trench coats in terms of percentage. If you want to wear such a beige trench coat stylishly, we recommend coloring it with black for an urban impression. Beige trenches, which are an expansive color and have a large silhouette, can look blah depending on the coloring, so it is a good idea to create a contrast by matching it with black.

Also, in terms of colors that go well together, navy and blue are standard. The combination gives a fresh impression and is perfect for the spring season. Light-colored jeans are also easy to match, and such light-toned color combinations are recommended for a light, spring-like color scheme.

II. Innerwear that goes well with trench coats

In spring, sweatshirts, T-shirts, and shirts are mainly used, and in fall, knit sweaters are mainly used. However, the trench coat is a versatile outerwear that can be worn not only in casual wear but also in beautiful and dressy styles, so it is attractive in that you can basically choose any innerwear to match. We are often asked the question, “Is it possible to match a trench coat with a parka? However, a sports-mix outfit with a hoodie item is also a good match without any problem. In addition, the trench coat has the depth of nostalgia to easily go with vintage band T-shirts and other items.

III. Bottoms that go with trench coats

The three most popular types of bottoms to match trench coats are jeans, chinos, and slacks. If you wear these three with modern designs and silhouettes, you will rarely fail in your coordination. Cargo pants and other items that have their roots in military uniforms also go well with each other, but they have too much of a military feel, and depending on how you wear them, they may give you a stiff or cosplay-like look. Since the trench coat itself is an item with a very distinctive design, it is recommended that the bottoms be simple in design to achieve a good balance.

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