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Nylon Coat Men’s Coordinate Collection! Latest outfits & recommended items!


Nylon Coat Men's Coordinate Collection! Latest outfits & recommended items!

Nylon coats are used as staples of raincoats and spring coats, and can create a light, fashionable look. Many nylon materials have a high quality luster, and many fashion brands, from mode to street fashion, are offering nylon coats made of tech material. In this issue, we focus on ” nylon coats ” and introduce styling tips, international men’s coordination as a reference, and recommended items from popular brands!

Create an active and mature man's look!

Nylon fabric is lighter and more functional than cotton, a natural fiber, and is often used for outerwear for active sports and outdoor activities. The ” Nylon Coat ” is made of such fabric and finished in a long length that gives a mature impression, and is just right for adding a sporty touch to your outfits while maintaining a mature elegance. It is also useful to differentiate from wool or cotton gabardine overcoats, and its oversized size, which is in fashion these days, shows its potential to express trendy and creative layered styles.

Nylon and polyester are often confused with each other, but nylon is the world’s first synthetic fiber made from a resin material (synthetic resin) called polyamide, which is mainly made from petroleum. Polyester is a synthetic fiber made exclusively from chemically synthesized raw materials such as petroleum. Both are the same synthetic fiber, but nylon is said to be more resistant to friction and abrasion and has higher elongation.

Tips for wearing a nylon coat (1)Style up your men's coordinate with a classic black nylon coat

The classic color for a nylon coat is black. Nylon coats vary in appearance depending on whether they have a hood or not, and there are many different styles, but the standard color of black can give a sharp, urban look to a men’s outfit regardless of the design. Another appeal of black nylon coats is that they can be easily matched with bottoms of any color or pattern. As shown in the snapshot below, it is also perfect for adding a “ha-ha” or “asobi” effect with your feet.

Points on how to wear a nylon coat (3)'Washed nylon' is the best choice for an adult casual coordinate.

Nylon coats made of high-density, highly beaten nylon fabric are not too shiny and casual. Coats made of high-density nylon fabrics with a strong strike-through may have too much luster and look clunky when worn with casual outfits. Those who prefer casual styling, such as knitwear and denim, should choose a coat made of washed nylon fabric. The washed finish on nylon fabrics creates a moderate wrinkled and soft feel that goes well with casual items.

Take a quick look at international street snaps of nylon coats! Find your ideal men’s coordinate!

If you want to see more men’s coordination, check out the “OTOKOMAE Snapshot Page”!

The OTOKOMAE Snap Page is a collection of snapshots of men’s outfits, including the nylon coats featured in this issue. By using the hashtag function, you can check all the snaps focusing on a single item at once. If you register as a member, you can save your favorite snaps and articles.

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Recommended Items

Finally, the OTOKOMAE editorial department introduces the “nylon coats” that we recommend to our readers, based on information obtained from interviews at hot brand exhibitions and leading select stores, as well as from our fixed-point observations in major fashion cities!

Recommended nylon coat (1) MONCLER “Moncler x FRGMT Fennel coat

The Moncler x FRGMT Fennel coat combines Hiroshi Fujiwara’s signature design details with a modern-day Moncler trademark. Made of nylon canvas, this packable, oversized-fit nylon coat is perfect for sheltering from the wind and rain.

Click here for details and purchase.

Recommended nylon coat 2) MACKINTOSH “DNOON HOOD

MACKINTOSH’s “DNOON HOOD,” a short stainless-steel collar coat with a detachable hood, is made of tech nylon with a special film pressure-bonded with breathable and waterproof properties, with watertight tape at the seams for complete waterproofing. It is a highly versatile product that can be worn over a suit or casually, combining minimalistic design and utility at a high level.

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Recommended Nylon Coat (3) Burberry ” Anderton EKD Coat

A nylon twill padded coat with Burberry’s iconic “Knight on Horseback EKD print” on the back. The moderately sporty design design with dotted buttons on the front and zips on the pockets is easy to use.

Click here for details and purchase.

Recommended nylon coat (4) PRADA “Re Nylon Raincoat

PRADA’s stylish nylon coat combines innovative technical fabrics with a couture finish and new volume. It is made of Re-Nylon, which is a purified plastic material recovered from the sea.

Click here for details and purchase.

Recommended nylon coat (5) “Hevo BRINDISI

Among Italian brands, this standard coat from Hevo is gaining popularity for its modern silhouette and outerwear made of materials. The nylon coat is made of polyurethane and has a highly elastic finish, giving it a sporty look with good taste.

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Recommended nylon coat (6) THE NORTH FACE “Roll Pack Journeys Coat

THE NORTH FACE’s “Roll Pack Journeys Coat” is made of lightweight recycled nylon with a vintage finish by product washing, and has a rough texture when you take it out after storing it. The removable hood can be attached to cope with sudden rain, while the hood can be removed to create a simple stainless steel collar, allowing you to enjoy wearing it in a variety of ways.

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Recommended nylon coat (7) MUJI “Windproof and water-repellent wadding bench coat

MUJI’s “Windproof and Water Repellent Padded Bench Coat” is made of a water-repellent, windproof, and dry-feeling light nylon tassel material on the outer fabric, making it light and comfortable to wear. It features a voluminous hood, a three-dimensional collar, and a solidly long length, with hidden dot buttons for a clean, urban look. Recommended for those who want to try wearing a nylon coat in a reasonable model first.

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