Discover the Timeless Appeal of PORTER’s TANKER Series: A Guide to the Iconic Bags and Recommended Models for Men’s Fashion


Discover the Timeless Appeal of PORTER's TANKER Series: A Guide to the Iconic Bags and Recommended Models for Men's Fashion

PORTER” has been experiencing a resurgence of popularity with the 90’s revival, and some in-line items are still out of stock depending on the model. The brand’s high quality and simple designs that can be used for a long time, which can only be achieved by being made in Japan, are appealing. In this issue, we will focus on the “TANKER” series, a representative series that cannot be missed when talking about PORTER, and introduce the reasons why it continues to attract people, as well as recommended models!

What is “PORTER” by Yoshida Kaban?

PORTER” is the main brand of “Yoshida Kaban,” a bag manufacturer started in 1962. The brand name comes from the occupation of “porters” who take care of bags in hotels, etc. The name was derived from the fact that “porters” are the ones who are always in touch with bags and know how good they are. Since its establishment, the brand has been consistently focusing on “Made in Japan” craftsmanship and high quality, and is highly supported not only in Japan but also overseas. Porter’s simple design is one of its characteristics, and it is used in a wide range of situations from business to town use. Porter is now attracting attention for its many fashion-focused items, such as collaboration models with various brands and artists.

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TANKER” is synonymous with Porter. Three long-loved features

The “TANKER” series is an indispensable part of the Porter brand. The TANKER was born in 1983 and is still a popular long-selling item. It is characterized by its tough original fabric, which was inspired by the U.S. Air Force’s MA-1 flying jacket, and some people have been using the same bag since it was first released. At the time of Tanker’s launch, it was before the hard amecaje boom in Japan, and military items were not yet adopted as a fashion item. The Tanker was initially struggling, but the 1986 film ‘ Top Gun’ starring Tom Cruise brought a boom in flight jackets, and at the same time, the Tanker gained attention and was promoted to a popular series. Today, the tanker continues to reign as an indispensable classic of the Porter brand. Here, we explain the three characteristics of the Tanker, which continues to be loved as Porter’s representative gem.

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Characteristic of Porter Tanker (1) “Bonding material and meticulous sewing based on the MA-1 motif

The most distinctive feature of the Tanker series is the three-layer bonding material inspired by the MA-1. By sandwiching the inner cotton between shiny nylon twill and water-repellent nylon taffeta, an extremely lightweight and soft feel is created. The firmness created by the padding not only gives it a classy appearance, but also protects the baggage from external impacts. The three layers of thickness are all done by hand by skilled craftsmen, and in order to prevent misalignment of the sewing, the bags are sewn after ” temporary sewing “, which is rare in bag making. The work process, which makes craftsmen cry, requires nearly twice as much work as for a normal bag, resulting in a tough item that can be cherished for a long time.

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Feature of Porter Tanker (2) “Parts that gain in taste every time they are used

The metal fittings used in the TANKER series, such as hooks and fasteners, are made so that the plating and paint will peel off as they are used. The more you use them, the more they become more durable, and the more they change their appearance to look like vintage military wear, which is another point that makes the Tanker series so appealing to men. The latest model uses updated original parts with the brand’s logo. This adds even more design and creates a modern atmosphere.

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Feature of Porter Tanker (3) “A rich lineup to choose from, depending on the occasion.

The Tanker series offers a wide range of items that can be selected according to the occasion, from backpacks for easy everyday use to helmet bags that can easily hold documents and PCs, and duffel bags that can accentuate a coordinating look. Including all items, there is a rich variety of items that climbs to more than 50 models. The lineup includes the original color sage green, versatile black, intelligent iron blue, and the up-and-coming silver gray, which was introduced in 2000, and is suitable for both everyday use and business situations. As for Sage Green and Iron Blue, they are in stock at the official online store, but stock appears to be thinning at other sites. All of them feature rescue orange on the reverse side, which adds a nice accent. The Tanker series has been loved by men and women of all ages for many years because it is easy to find an item that fits perfectly with your use.

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