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Brewed Thoughts PROJECT, a three-way collaboration between A SCENE and a fashionable coffee shop, was launched!


Brewed Thoughts PROJECT, a three-way collaboration between A SCENE and a fashionable coffee shop, was launched!

Gadget brand “A SCENE” and coffee shops “swell coffee roasters (Nakameguro)” and “baggage cafe market (Harajuku)” have collaborated to launch “Brewed Thoughts PROJECT. Brewed Thoughts PROJECT”. A smartphone pouch, a paracord shoulder, and a paracord strap will be released on February 9, 2024.

A unique collaboration will give A SCENE a coffee face!

The representatives of the coffee shop are usually close friends with each other, and both of them are fond of “A SCENE” gadgets, which led to this collaboration. The “Design paracord shoulder,” one of A SCENE’s most popular items, and the “Dock in pouch,” which has been a catalyst for the expansion of A SCENE users since its release last fall, were used as the basis for this coffee-colored item. A SCENE’s inline products have a strong image of “functional and fashionable gadgets. The lineup in this collaboration has a chill vibe while maintaining functionality. A special launch event will be held on February 9, 2024 (Friday), the day the collaborative products go on sale.

Brewed Thoughts PROJECT collaboration item 1Dock in pouch

“A SCENE” original phone pouch with one side Finished with coffee leather. It is possible to operate and talk with the phone in the pouch, and the pouch part can hold an earphone case and a passport. The design is chic, but it is packed with useful functions all-in-one and can be used like a sacosh. Price: 9,900 (tax included)

Brewed Thoughts PROJECT collaboration item 2Design paracord shoulder

The paracord shoulder is one of the most popular standard items in “A SCENE”. As a special collaboration specification, it is made of hemp cord inspired by coffee bean bags and colored in one-tone coffee-inspired coloring. The new product is available in two sizes, M (125cm) and L (145cm), to accommodate male users and those who wear it over outerwear. Price: 6,820 (tax included)

Brewed Thoughts PROJECT Collaboration item 3Design paracord strap

The new products introduced in the 24 Spring/Summer season have been specially ordered for this collaboration. It can be used as a key case or a phone case instead of a strap, and can also function as a handle and be used as a mini bag when customized to a dock in pouch. Price: 5,500 (tax included)

Brewed Thoughts Project

<Product Sales Stors>
February 9, 2024 (Fri.)

<Product Sales Stors>
A SCENE online site from 6pm
Tsutaya online site
・10 Tsutaya stores nationwide (Ginza, Futakotamagawa, Haneda Airport, Shonan, Urawa, Makuhari, Umeda, Hiroshima, Kochi, Ropponmatsu) during each stores’ business hours

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