Pelle Morbida launches made-to-order limited edition school bag series! The design “makes you want to take it with you on an elegant cruise.”


Pelle Morbida launches made-to-order limited edition school bag series! The design "makes you want to take it with you on an elegant cruise."

PELLE MORBIDA has marked the 10th anniversary of its birth with the launch of a new school bag series, and is now accepting pre-orders at its directly managed stores and official online store for release in 2024, with some stores now handling samples.

The three-color lineup is based on the brand’s standard black and graige, with accent colors used in some areas.

Pelle Morbida is a bag brand created in 2012 for mature adults who enjoy elegant cruising and seek quality of life. The brand name means “soft skin (leather)” in Italian, and the original shrink leather developed at the start of the brand is soft to the touch and quickly became a symbol of the brand.

The brand expresses elegance and unique luster that adults can easily use, and its simple, basic designs that focus on materials have earned high acclaim. In the 10 years since the brand’s launch, its high-quality items have established and solidified its position as “bags for the business scene. The brand has now marked its 10-year milestone with the release of a limited-edition, made-to-order line of school bags.

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This is a school bag that incorporates the “elegance” and “quality” cultivated through the brand to date, and incorporates the bag-making techniques that are its forte in every part of the bag. The school bags, which are like business bags for children, are carefully crafted with a message of love and support. The coloring is chic and elegant, with black and graige as the main colors, with blue, ivory, and orange at key points.

The material used is CLARINO F, a man-made leather that reproduces the suppleness and beautiful wrinkles of cowhide. It is lighter and more textured than cowhide.

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Introducing Pelle Morbida’s school backpacks points of interest!

Point 1: “Size-adjustable shoulder specification

The shoulder belt can be adjusted by sliding it across the width of the shoulder with an adjuster function, allowing the size to be adjusted as the child grows and the bag can be used for a long time.

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Point 2) “Equipped with a convenient Miracle Lock function

The “Mira-Kururu Lock” is adopted, which combines the function of fixing the shoulder straps and the sliding function of the bottom in a single unit. It is a convenient lock that can be turned in either direction when unlocking.

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Point 3: “Reflectors that reflect light from four directions

For safety, reflectors are provided on the sides, shoulders, and handles, and are designed to reflect light from four directions.

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Point 4: “Iconic design that makes the back of the flap look elegant and gorgeous.

The back of the flap is fully decorated with an icon that recalls the Pelle Morbida concept of a boat trip, with a message for children’s encounters and growth.

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Point 5: “Details that incorporate the brand’s identity

The iconic wave-shaped toggle on the flap, the brand logo engraving, metal parts, and M-shaped stitching are subtly incorporated into the design.

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Point 6: “The whistle that can actually be blown has a function that allows the ID card to come out.

The whistle, which symbolizes the brand concept of “boat trip,” can actually be blown, and when the bottom half is turned, an ID card comes out. In addition, both sides have a nasucan for easy opening and closing.

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Point #7: “Lots of innovations to prevent it from losing its shape.

The “Shikki-kun” shape correction processing protects the school bag from losing its shape and breaking. The core of the large gusset, which is most vulnerable to breakage under load, is made of shape-correcting resin, and the center section has a built-in steel core.

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Point 8: “Fit-chan for comfortable carrying

The “Fit-Chan” is a stand-up strap designed to fit the back of the bag. The straps are arranged in a mountainous pattern starting from the metal fittings, which increases the area in contact with the body and thus distributes the load, making the bag comfortable to carry.

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Pelle Morbida School Bags] Detailed Information

Samples of Pelle Morbida school bags are on display at some stores. Free catalogs are available on the official website, so if you are interested, please check it out!

Release date: Orders will be accepted from March 15, 2023 (Wed.)
* Products will be shipped around mid to late February 2024
Price: 93,500 yen (including tax)
Body material: man-made leather
Colors: black x ivory, black x blue, glaze x orange
Internal size: H29.5 x W23.5 x D12.5cm
Sample stores:
PELLE MORBIDA Ginza main store 03-5524-2808
PELLE MORBIDA Dainagoya Building 052-446-6737
PELLE MORBIDA Shinsaibashi store 06-6121-9117
PELLE MORBIDA Grand Front Osaka store 06-6131 -5526

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